The Diary Game 16-09-2020 | I Went To A Barber Shop For Setting My Hairs | My Wednesday Activities | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

I woke up very earlier today, I started preparing to go to take my class. But I changed my plan, and I thought that for tomorrow. Today was the same reason, as yesterday. But I promised me that, I will must go tomorrow, Inshallah. I did breakfast with tea and bread, it was pretty simple. After doing the breakfast, I was just reading the messages in our community group. Today was a sunny day, the sun was shining. There was not any plan of clouds, on the sky. I really like that view, of clouds in Abbottabad.

I went for some work on the bike, at 10 AM. While I was driving, I had a look on things. There were a different look, like 9th 10th standard's children and etc. This view I am looking after 5 months, in our area. It is the new area for every area or city. But I said that, because before COVID we was not living at our home, in Upper Kehal. We was living somewhere down from Upper Kehal due to some reasons. That's why I didn't have internet to active on steemit. And we came back because of COVID started, because it closed all the reasons of ours.

I came back home, at 11 AM, and I started reading an Urdu novel of Ishtiaq Ahmed, it was another. I don't have to describe the story here, and also I wrote about the writer many time. So I was reading while our hens was eating seed, and I was watching them too. It is necessary to see them time to time, because of cats. The cats are in very big amount near by our home.

I did some lunch, and then I had another work to do, so I sat on bike again and again I went to chowk. It was the time after 3 PM. So I did the work, and then I thought to set some hairs. I arrived a barber shop for that purpose, and ask him to cut my hairs little bit. He is from our area or mohalla. So he knew me and he started setting my hairs, as I told him. I wanted to cut the hairs, from sides. And after he was done I tried to capture me there.


Yeah, there is no difference between then and now. So I reached home, and I slept for 2 hours. Then I met with @sardar-sani and we had a great time. I brought some needy things to home. And while talking we came back home. Then I completed the novel.

In dinner I ate very special and unique vegetable. And then I opened my Computer, and started surfing on YouTube and Facebook. Now this is becoming my daily routine, I write diary on computer and put my mobile on charging. So now after some surfing, watching some emotional videos, funny videos I am making my diary post. I hope you enjoyed the diary.


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it mostly happens with me aswell that when i went to do haircut there is no significant difference Before and after so i feel that 😂

16.09.2020 23:43

Yeah, we set them only.

17.09.2020 03:53

@abdt nice to see you have changed your style of writing diary and presntation . This is a good diary post

After haircut you are looking smart 😊

17.09.2020 05:34

Oh I am looking smart, but there is no difference between both looks, thankful to you.

17.09.2020 08:39

There is a bid differnce before hair cut you lookng like an hero of old pakistani movie like waheed murad ..

But after hair cut you are looking smart 😊😊

17.09.2020 09:39

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17.09.2020 20:07