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Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

This will gonna be a straight forward day, I was thinking. Today 15 September our course is being continued again, and I missed the first class of today due to some upcoming reasons. The morning was keep quiet, and the sunlight was looking beautiful on the green mountain. I will not take your time on a view.

I had a work in city, which is little far from our home, and it was important and been sudden. I was not taking class in all of other ways, if I were too. You can be say it as a first and last enjoyment day. And also me and my friend planned to not go today, and now we will go tomorrow. I went there and I was stand up for some time, and waiting for someone. So in that hot time I suggested a Juice for me. That helped me a lot at the time. It was mango flavor juice, so it was very tasty. It is liked by maximum Pakistani people. I purchased it and started drinking it on the side of road. Here is the photo defining that scene.


It is too close from my face, so it can be a horror photo for you,:D. I suggest you to try zooming out the chrome page and then see the photo, you can zoom out while holding CTRL and Mouse Wheel Down. It was a cold joke for this diary, so the juice was very juicy, and I was standing near my academy at that time. I was feeling like that looking here and there, because if any classmate saw me there the thinking of him/her become in wrong way for me. I left the place quickly, Allah's blessing the work done before the ending time of academy.

I came back home and I was planning for last time enjoyment before classes, and I did message to @sardar-sani, and he did agreed to me. He was same as me, he did not went to college, and now he was wanting a last time enjoyment too. In past 6 months, we did not done any enjoyment, this is the last day. That was thinking of ours. So we settled a plan after lunch, I have a plane to fresh my bike today. But I got a phone call from my uncle, he had some important work in village, and tomorrow he is going to Karachi. As you know our village is coming after Harno, so we thought that we can do our enjoyment in a way. But my bike given me a sad news, and stopped running on road. The bike started it work well when I did 400 Rupees investment on that.

But the moral is that our day gone on the wrong side, as I was taking this as enjoyment. Just not felt happy the work of bike. But tour to village I was happy, and there I tried to capture a photo of road, it is newly made and it went straight to our homes, or the person can use it for reaching home. I thought to do walk on the road, due to some bike issue, and there was a fuel issue too. So we started walking on road, and I taken a picture to share here.


Our Village Road (Newly Made)

We reached at our grandmother home, and our uncle was there first from us. He invited us for some other work, and he wanted to travel on bike to city. We told him the reason why we were late. So he did his work and we was enjoying the fresh air, and talking. Me and Sani make much fun while we are talking. We talked about steemit, Steem Pakistan and trading of HIVE. It is now our new work.

We started our travel back to city, at the time of sunset. After reaching city, we brought some fuel, left our uncle near by his home and came back home. Then I prepared somethings, for tomorrow class, like register pen bag etc. And I thought to write diary first before sleeping.
Stay tuned, thank you for your read!


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Ohh it happens actually we aren't in the routine for taking classes thats the main reason mostly we forget to take the class after vacations.

The mango juice would have given you thrill 😍 In my today's post i added Mango Shake and you have drinked mago huice what a coincidence lol...

Sad to hear about your fuel issues in the sunny hot Weather ....

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