The Diary Game 13-09-2020 | I Did Some Changes On Bike | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.

I woke up early in morning, and I was surfing steemit, and reading the group messages. After that I started surfing on YouTube. At the time of 10:30 AM Sami called me from my gate, and I went with him without doing breakfast. Actually I invited him to come at my home, on the earlier day. I had a plan to set my bike, some changing and repairing. So I drove bike straight to the shop of repairing. That is a shop, from where I use to repair. I asked him for repairing, he started the work nicely.


The bike getting repaired.

Now the changes and repairing done on my bike. The seat of bike was changed, wiring of bike, clutch plates of bike, oil change, safety guard change, and with all other little repairings.
The whole process taken 5.5 hours from our day, we got really bore on shop while sitting, so we was going here and there. Then at last 4:30 we got free and then we came back home. The total amount of 5100 PKR spent on bike, and it is equal to 170+ Steem.
After that I got some conversation on WhatsApp with @haidermehdi brother. And also the conversation is continued in community group. So then I started computer and checked the participant's on my both contests, I confirmed some of them and I pointed out mistakes of some of them. Then I checked the hive price and Steem price. In community @hassanabid brother asked me to find the rate of blurt, I checked and I was surprised that the coin was not listed in coinmarketcap website, I think in start it was listed. The. I found blurt rate on other site and sent the photo on group.


I found blurt rate on this website.

Then I got some error on internet, and when the error was fixed my heart was broken and I started sleeping before that. So that's why today I am posting my diary post of yesterday. I hope you enjoyed.

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You spent a lot of money on your bike but still did not show how your bike looked after spending all that money :p

Glad to see that you adopted the changes quickly in the diary game :)

Your post is just above 300 words and if the ending lines are removed as they are not the activity, post might not qualify :p

I am just ensuring as per said by @rashid001 bhai that all of us produce acceptable stuff :)

And yes, thankyou for making me a Moderator :p

14.09.2020 09:06

Yes @haidermehdi you are right....

@abdt please you are admin of a community and you know how to produce quality content .. so please present your diary in a brilliant style ..according to the rules..
Hopefully you understand we have to present every thing good to show the real good imageof us , as Pakistani steemian

14.09.2020 09:33

@rashid001 @haidermehdi yes, we have to improve our diaries. activity. Keep doing good work in your diaries too.

14.09.2020 11:04

Oops, I checked that before posting and it is much above from 300 words. Try checking after comment, dear moderator.

14.09.2020 11:06

If i leave those last three lines where you described the reason for making a late post :) (Not your diary activity right? :)

I am not trying to create differences but please double check the things :) i do :)


@sardar-sani , you were talking about this word counter right?❤

14.09.2020 11:49

We all will improve our diaries inshallah.

14.09.2020 12:13

These are the rules that you prescribed in your own post my friend :)
I did not add anything from my side :)

14.09.2020 12:27

The community needed a good content. I will improve the quality inshallah.

14.09.2020 12:36

Then show me a rule
Where you can tell about your
Night in diary.

                 - abdt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

14.09.2020 12:36

Your working great but it's time to upgrade your word counter.
You can try this one

14.09.2020 11:23

I am using the same @sardar-sani 🤭🤭🤭

14.09.2020 11:35

Also vote before comment, :p. Don't just point out mistakes, I am checking you. And this is your habit. Try minding it, otherwise do then a member job.:p

14.09.2020 12:10

Now the pick of bike is just move to another level bro... i have count your word after skipping first greeting line you have wrote 340 words 1,776 characters.

Thanks for sharing your day with us..

14.09.2020 11:25

@haidermehdi here:::

14.09.2020 12:08

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