The Diary Game 11-09-2020 | Played Some Snooker Games And Then Tried A Recipie | Pakistan

Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post. Today spent very well.

I woke up early in the morning today, as I added in my last diary post. (I have to prepare for Jummah).

When I did breakfast, I saw some messages on WhatsApp, of my friend. He was inviting me to play snooker with him, or that was a challenge.

I replied him to wait for my reply. Because I have to check, if I have not any work at home. Then I played counter strike on computer for some time. I saw there are no such a players of my level. I use to play in Pakistan server, so the pro gamers was not there, playing. There was some noob players, and I got tired after killing their players many times. So I left it and then I started preparing for Jummah. I prayed Jummah on time. Then I met with some friends. I did some lunch, and then I started reading the novel which was remaining. I read that for some time, then I got a call from my friend he was inviting me very egarly. I told him that I am coming. And then I reached the snooker club and waited for him, 10 minutes. Then we started setting balls on table, after greetings. I took the first shot of frame, and then he taken the second. On my second shot I asked him to capture a photo, and I gave him my mobile. Here is the photo.


Then we played for 1 hour, and we played 2 breaks. Then we came back home, I brought some things, for home use.

Then I came back home, after coming at home, I felt hungry, I thought to try a Recipie by myself. So I can enter in @hassanabid brother's contest easily.

I had a video downloaded in YouTube, so I followed that. First I added some flour and sugar. And a drop of acens. Or venila. Here the photo.


Often this Recipie is use to make cakes, but with much more additions.

But simply I added an egg into it.


After that I mixed it. It was that simple, but there was an heavy step to get that new type of Pakwan fried. I fried it on tawwa. First see the picture of mixture.


And here is the photo of Pakwan that I made after frying. And believe me it was tasty.


This was my first time, so I couldn't get any special shape of this. But it was sweet to eat and I enjoyed it with tea. It was working of a biscuit.

After doing some work now I am making my diary post. I hope you enjoyed your and my day..



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you have utilized the day nicely :p
Congratulations on your first biscuit and i hope when you will start getting it in shape, you will invite all of us IA :p

11.09.2020 20:06

@abdt looks like an expert snooker player ,
Awsome Process of making biscuit 😋 it has an intersting look n shape 😊

onepercent #pakistan

11.09.2020 21:11

Woahh what a style of snooker looks like you are pro player in the snooker aswell in counter strike :) btw i also used to play cs Online about 3 years ago whole day and night.

The sweet looks so yummy i think its also called tikkia and many other names lol

Thanks for the participation Here is the prize as promised :)


onepercent #pakistan

12.09.2020 02:24

Not a pro in both, but a level player. 🥰

12.09.2020 04:55

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The Steemit Team

17.09.2020 19:54