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Assalamualaikum beautiful people welcome to another diary post.
I was reading novel of Ishtiaq Ahmed last night before sleeping. When I woke up today I did opened steemit and checked notifications etc. It is becoming usual. I don't have any problem if I didn't opened Facebook long ago, but steemit is becoming an addictive, effective social media for me.
I did breakfast while adding lunch with it at 1:30 PM. The routine is badly disturbed. I am trying to make it better, to make my self better. After that I read again the novel, I use to read in whole day and give novel to some time. Because lots of other work. At 3:30 I called @sardar-sani and we went to find a special thing in market. ( I am keeping that secret 😜).
After finding that with our hardworking 🤣 we got failed. You know we went to Mezail Chowk for that thing, you don't believe I have a photo of Mezail Chowk. I captured it while sani was driving the bike. You can say that it is not pre-planned photo. That's why it is not much beautiful. Here it is:

Oh wow, it is so cool, I don't think so.

Extra ordinary work was that when we ate biryani with cold drinks at restaurant.

After coming back home we did eat biryani, with cold drinks. Not much taste there in Abbottabad, like we can get in Karachi and other city. But where we ate it is the first good biryani maker in city. Then I purchased some things and then we reached back home. After that I was surfing steemit, I thought to read the book how to win friends and influence people. I downloaded the book in PDF 3 days ago. So I started reading it, and while reading I opened notepad and write points in it. After that I made a post on my review. How was the book, you can only know when you read the review post.
Now it is night 2 AM and I am making the diary, the blockchain have a benefit for us we can read our diaries after long time too. Let's see the comments...



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Que buen día @abdt, la verdad me gustaría probar biryani nunca e probado comida de Pakistán y me gustaría hacer el intento.
Me alegro que lograron comer en un buen restaurante.
Espero que aprendieras mucho en el libro que leíste y que te sirva como fuente de información para otros sin duda un gran diario.
Si quieres puedes participar en el concurso que esta haciendo @anasuleidy




08.09.2020 22:03

Buenos días mi amigo @abrahan842

sé que no me invitaste pero espero que no te importe si también me uno a ese concurso iniciado por @anasuleidy

onepercent #pakistan

08.09.2020 22:33

Con gusto espero tu participación.


09.09.2020 00:27

Claro amigo perdon no hay problema



09.09.2020 16:37

Intentaré participar en el concurso. Gracias por el valioso comentario.

09.09.2020 14:44

De nada amigo un increíble diario espero verte en el concurso



09.09.2020 16:43

Looks like the secret had got itself hidden from you too😁😆
Hope you find it someday later :p

08.09.2020 22:25


09.09.2020 14:41


08.09.2020 22:29

You don't have to... 😁

09.09.2020 14:41

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09.09.2020 03:38

Thanks sir for huge support.

09.09.2020 03:58

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