Silk Screen Printing for Creative Street

It's the third batch of Creative Street (@creativestreet) Volunteer shirts !!!

I and my sister hand printed it using silk screen. The design was made by our creative artist in the saod group, Aya. And then a stencil was customized on the silk screen so we could mass produce it for the volunteers!


The pool of volunteers is continually growing in numbers so we are here again to prepare their shirt ! This is one way to show our identity too, since we are not yet registered to any NGO and we don't have ID Card. (but soon we will 🌿)
We usually wear these shirts on our workshops, outreach and collaboration / partnership activities anywhere


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it's a great job that you do

15.07.2019 16:30

Thank you so much @merryslamb

16.07.2019 03:09

Cool shirts ! The logos are neat and really cool at brandishing Creative Street's presence ! :D

16.07.2019 02:08

Thank you @veryspider ! I got a company of friends that are so great too that's why it came out like that

16.07.2019 03:10