Hemp Kush Strain Info.

Hemp Kush is a special high cbd hybrid of pre 98 bubba. The buds are thick and dark green with brown hairs. Lots of cbd. The terpines {smells} are like kush but also earthy and a tad bit sweet. The plant grows big healthy colas.

Pre 98 bubba Is a special hybrid of bubba Kush. The strain isn't actually older than 1998 according to legend. It was created to RESEMBLE older phenos of Bubba kush. Old skool growers claim bubba kush has gotten worse from over hybridization. This special Pre 98 Bubba strain was carefully created to improve the genetics like they USED TO BE.

Hemp Kush is a hybrid of Pre 98 bubba and a high cbd hemp strain. The terpines, nug color etc. are a bit different than bubba kush. That being said it's one of the best hemp strains around. Not identical to Bubba Kush however. It's notably different.

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