BITILLUMINATI COIN offers a safer, more secure and better option for storing money in the form of digital currency, in which the common people have been included as well as investors.
BITILLUMINATI COIN is an intellectual property and future currency because it says "new world order". The biggest strength of its team is that they hold strong and positive belief in digital currency. It is related to them and today they place their joint efforts in the development, establishment and acceptance of Bitcoin as a currency and a new economy.

The BITILLUMINATI White Paper was launched on December 31, 2017

Anyone can join the community there and stay in touch with anyone else around the world. This cryptocracy actually fulfills the purpose of globalization, which means that people around the world are involved in business. Life was established in the initial stage of the barter system, where one could exchange goods in front of other objects. More than salt and gold, but due to risks related to the issues of gold and loading, people had started avoiding this and the comparison of the world was shifted towards paper currency and compared to those of the US Dollars .

"The US Dollar has become popular and people have accepted it due to the imperium on Imimpi, the world's most secretive organization, and now the BIC has come with the intentions of the name and the new world order.

Some specifications of BIC are as follows;
22 million coins will be provided for the initial corruption fund, generated from 66 million coins, first 33.33%, respectively, through six phases of fifteen days. 30% of the company's promoters will be reserved for future planning and development. In addition to competitions / activities, 4% coins are reserved for giving sweepstakes and bonuses in the prize.

BAC is being developed on the world's best platform of "Bitakon" under the contract of SHA 256. BIC is established by a group of professionals of cryptocurrency. Our platform is dedicated to providing stable and secure solutions for the members to make you financial success. Bitilenty is a unique digital asset that is designed to improve network security, faster traceases, lower fees, safety and early cryptococulture of biotechnics, Iteremum, Dash, Jackash, Monroe, OUTA, and other small cryptocooconcans.

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