Are you ready to take part in competition and win 1000, 2500 or 5000 LCS?? Hurry up!

Dear members and followers of LCS community!

We are excited to announce a new LCS Blitz Competition the aim of which is to get LCS to hit the $100k 24 hour turnover target which will make LCS eligible to listed on!

We want you to Blitz all Social Media Platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other platform you can think of, letting people know that LCS is currently at a great price to make an investment and guide the people on where they can buy it from (Hotbit and Ethernext)

With a prize pool of a massive 8500 LCS Token, this a great way to fatten up your wallets with some glorious LCS Tokens.

The prize looks as following:

3rd Prize: 1000 LCS

2nd Prize: 2500 LCS

1st Prize: 5000 LCS

The winner will be judged by the combination of the number of posts, the creativity of those post and how many people those post reach.

Get your post noticed by being as creative as you can, post them on your personal Facebook and Twitter pages, in large facebook groups, other cypto twitter pages, in comments sections of Youtube and anywhere a large amount of people will see it on Social Media.

How to enter:

Create interesting posts on Social Media which will include information about current LCS price and links to the exchanges (Hotbit and Ethernext).

Participants should fill in the form below:


The Competion will run from 24/07/2018 1:30pm (UTC Time) to 31/07/2018 5:00pm (UTC Time)

In the event of any dispute regarding The Rules, conduct, results and all other matters relating to the Competition, the decision of the judge(s) shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

Telegram:  @liderbiz2315


ETH Wallet: 0xf1dd34fad771927B6B86339d9f585056A6F70dC4 

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