In this article I want to publish a review of a new promising project, in turn, which uses Blockchain technology in the field of energy sources.

Capella provides its platform called MATRiX.

Thanks to Internet Energy Things (IoT), consumers are given the opportunity to be interconnected in order to achieve, as well as launch, the highest quality energy networks.

With Smart City management and IoT devices, Capella offers the opportunity to create Smart Grids, which enables communication between consumers and energy producers.

Huge benefits for users:

  • Providing electricity in the form of clean ecological energy.
  • Spread as well as energy monetization.
  • Great control over Capella customers.
  • Thanks to the App Store LAN, every single unit of energy will be tracked.
  • Ability to owners of circulation of their own energy assets.
  • Freedom to decide at what price to sell excess energy.

Monetization of excess energy perfectly helps a huge number of buyers to participate in the market through a decentralized platform, where everyone can get their benefits!
Capella Coin will offer all sorts of discounts, offers in collaboration with Power Grids, DSO and Prosumers.
Blockchain technology performs a verifiable, automated and transparent mechanism for clearing and trading the market in the interests of consumers and manufacturers.
From the above we can conclude that the project is quite promising, which will not have equal competitive projects! Keep it up, well done!

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