Paper mini - Skeleton 001

Hello everyone!

I'm proud to present you my first ever finished paper mini for d&d. I plan on creating a lot more of them and I will cover most, if not all D&D monsters and villains.

I'm starting with skeletons, as they are dangerous, deadly and people fear them. :)


I'll share everything available and free here and on other platforms, but other things will be available only on my Patreon page. That also includes special and exclusive minis, monsters, characters and resources.

Creation was pretty fun and interesting. I had to learn some new things, overcome some of the challenges and create my own tools. It would be impossible to do it without using interesting tricks which were used to draw both sides of the mini on paper.

Yes, I draw them by hand, using colored pencils (blues and reds - as there is a trick I used) scan those sketches down and then do the coloring digitally.


Here are some teaser images and early work in progress for the upcoming stuff:


If you want to see more, upvote, share, leave a comment and/or visit my patreon page.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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