Daily routine - day twenty - quick doodle of the day and old stuff

Hello everyone!

Few days ago, while playing Battletech I've seen a game: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden when I was looking through streams. I didn't really wanted to play my game as I would end up playing until 1 or 2 am. :)
I can say that I like that game so much that I want it. I want to try it out and I'm even thinking about getting it for/over the weekend. Will I draw then, be productive? Honestly, I have no idea :p

Should I or shouldn't I buy the game?

This is all I was able to do today. It's just a quick doodle when I was playing with ticketing and trying to make it work (it is now running and fully functional). There were some fine tuned things which were missing from documentation and information available so it was a nightmare to setup and it took a lot of time (and I even thought it will never work at few points). The part left to do now is to fix the minor translation errors and test the functionality, modify few icons and such.

(spider looks kinda weird - something's off - can't really point out what)

Here's some of my old work too.If I compare it to my work from a year ago I can clearly see how my lines are a lot smoother and cleaner now.

I don't care about going over a line or missing it, messing it. It's easier, more fun and less scary. Now I am also 1000% sure that cute snowmen and monsters are my thing to draw :)

Somewhere around here the change happened (it was February or March this year). I stopped caring so much about drawing those perfect lines. And in return, they became more straight and clean. Crazy, right?

All I've done for the past year was practice, practice, practice and I took some time off. I've used that time off to think, reflect on things I've drawn and watch a tutorial or two. I also doodled a lot. Crazy things, silly things, simple things which I'll never share as they were just for me. It's all practice.

If you want to learn to draw play with it, try everything and and experiment. Do and try different things, even scary and intimidating stuff for you may work or give nice results. Push yourself sometimes. Test your limits. Be adventurous. I have a weakness and I don't like water colors. I know and I've seen what can be done with them but for me the results are mixed. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's messy. I have yet to conquer them. :)

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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