Daily routine - day twenty four - what to do with receipts

Hello everyone!

The more I do this at the daily basis and learn about some things. The more I find the philosophy of "not worrying about the end result" appealing and so true if you want to become an artist. I'm also limiting myself to do those doodles/drawings quickly and try not to think about them when I draw. I got into a state of mind where I just do and put it on paper. Any paper. It doesn't matter as you'll see below.

This one was drawn on a back side of a receipt within a limited time - 5 minutes

Another receipt, another sketch - this time I used the fine liners to define the lines more, with limited time

Having fun is the key

How to become better

Play with ideas. Turn them around. Try everything. Draw it once, twice, ten times, a hundred times. Draw as much and as often as you like and draw what you like. At first push yourself only sometimes and have fun. It should be fun not tedious. Try not to think of making mistakes and accept making them. Try to leave them be and at first use pencil but do it on hard mode and try not to use eraser.

It's basically all about you. You need to free your mind enough so that you can ignore being self conscious enough that are able to accept what you do without being to big of a critic to yourself. It's fine to be a critic, but it's only good to go to a certain point, everything above that point is auto destructive and will only hinder you and you'll become frustrated.

In my last year and half of drawing almost daily I see that I've improved tenfold. I was afraid of failure. I feared that no one would like my art and drawings. Today, I know that I'll like it and that's enough for me. During that time there were small pauses where I haven't drawn but I've managed to accept the concept of "allowing myself to fail" and that is something I try to do every day. It's wonderful when you can think like that and I try to do it in other areas, not just my art.

What is the worst thing that will happen if you fail? You can ask yourself that and put the answers on paper.

The worst thing is that you won't like the drawing. So what? You can always try again. After few tries it will be better. I'm 100% sure of that.

Are you afraid to fail again? Three times in a row? Five times? Ten times? Why? Do it for fun and don't care about results. Try to do that. After some time you'll be able to do that.

Fail as many times as you need to learn something. If you draw more you can learn more. Yes, you will fail more but that is the secret. You have to fail in order to learn.

I personally fail a lot and those failures I sometimes share with you. It's what keeps me going and trying to improve. Sometimes I put those failed attempts into my paper folder and store them in my desk drawer and don't mention it ever again. But I still look at it and if the idea is something I like I do a version of it that may be better. I learn, read, watch tutorials and experiment.

I try to have fun. Fun is what keeps me do it and for me the key is to try out what works and what doesn't and apply those results to become better.

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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