Daily routine - day six - silhouette spider tanks and their lore part 1

Hello everyone!

Today I only have one image, but I'll share something little about spider tanks. Lore of those creatures if you like explaining all the little things you didn't know but wanted to ask.

Here you can see a young spider tank hunter using his surroundings flawlessly. His skill of hiding is on par with the best predators and I bet you anything that no one would ever suspect, nor see that creature camouflaged like that.

I have to mention that this image was taken purely by stroke of luck just moments before the person taking it was trampled by that same creature. There were other images on that camera but they are too gory to show and share (unless it's for a hefty undisclosed sum :D shhhh... I said nothing).

Edit: I had to redo the image a bit. I wasn't too happy with how pale it was (I blame my pencil). :p

Spider tanks are mysterious creatures. They live in lost, far away and secluded forests where they hunt in packs and trample unsuspecting victims. Lets say that those people were unlucky. It's worth mentioning that they tend to trample only when spooked or scared. As I said before, they like to hunt and chase people and it is a known fact that when you're seen by a spider tank that likes you, his eyes will start to glow and you'll bathe in light. It's to alert the other pack hunters that YOU are a target and are not to be trampled no matter what. Then, they will chase you for hours and hours, until you drop to the ground from exhaustion. It's a tradition which they are really proud of and they cherish it.

Those few that are fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough that are caught and not trampled to death. They get to be the pilots of spider tanks (or their trophies - it is uncertain at this point). It's something really special as spider tanks will do everything for their pilots. They will guard them, carry them, hunt food for them and protect them. Sometimes they will do even more. Only problem is that most of those pilots are usually too dimwitted to notice that behavior and use it to their advantage.

It is unknown where spider tanks sleep and how big their settlements are. There are only rumors that they sleep on trees and that their habitats have three to six pairs of hunters. According to Carmen Harkel the renowned historian, and spider tank behavioral expert those rumors are more true than not. However she didn't present any evidence to support that claim once she was captured. In addition she often bragged that she is their queen and she had stopped publishing any papers related to that subject.

There are some other rumors and stories that may be older than legends. Among those rumors are some which mention a certain journal, or diary that was found. That book may contain the secrets and habits of those elusive creatures.

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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