Daily routine - day fourteen - snow, log cabins and logos

Hello everyone!

It was snowing yesterday and for the entire day I couldn't stop thinking about a cozy log cabin somewhere in the deep snow with months worth of supplies and being there with my girlfriend.
Today I tried to quick sketch it before my shift started.

I tried to think of everything, food, logs to keep warm.

Deep, deep snow and above all tranquility and calmness.

LAst one is without snow and it's perfect time to get back to civilization.

Here is the "almost" entire page from my little sketch block/pad. It's 6x4.

After that, and during the rest of my pretty busy day I've played with the idea for a logo. It needs to be cute, kind of serious, vegetable friendly and above all fun to see.

Also, I want it to be in a way related to bunnies as they are cute and I've worked on a logo which was similar in a way to these ones. It will definitely be done digitally when I'm happy with my prototyping.

This was my original process for my first ever successful logo created. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of original pencil sketches. I started with prototyping, doodling, quick sketching and then marker and pencil coloring. After I was happy I moved on to doing it digitally which took me a lot of time. I've never done it before that. :)

I was super happy with the results.

Anyways, it's all from me for today and I'll have more to share tomorrow.

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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