Daily routine - day eight - having fun, drawing, doodling and playing with markers

Hello everyone!

Today was a quiet and lazy day for me. I did some drawing, played with some things and was testing some new colors. I need even more light green marker. I think I'll have to order some from abroad.
I did some more spider tanks and later I played with various other doodles to see what I can come up with. Later images were also influenced a little by Star Citizen 3.3 alpha release (which I ran and play for about 30-40 minutes). Servers are probably packed full and I wasn't able to log on later.

Anyways, here are my images for today:

Here we see a young spider tank holding a small bush and hiding. As they are timid creatures they often hide when they see something new and unknown.

This is another attempt to do turning around and sort of, I've noticed you pose from yesterday but with pencil and trying to add some depth.

This is just my loose creative freedom and idea on how those creatures actually sleep. No information is available on how they actually rest. Hopefully it's not too silly of an idea.

As the rumors go, and if stories are true this could be how my friend @fraenk, the one that was (willingly) captured yesterday (to become a pilot) is spending his time now.

Oh, and if it's raining I do hope he's not soaked, cold and miserable, but protected and sleeping tight. I hope he's all right. :)

These are just quick doodles while I was watching videos, some tutorials, testing stuff and trying to play SC. ;)

As you can see I'm all about the trees, nature, space ships. But I also did some logo ideas.

Unfortunately none of them really clicked so I've abandoned it... For now. When inspiration strikes I'll try again. I found out that forcing it doesn't really do anything.

That's all from me for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some new doodles, drawings and/or sketches to share.

All sketches, drawings and photos are my own.

Keep doing what you like and have fun!

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