Sidera - Scalable Ecosystem revolves around a new revolutionary way of storing cryptography

If you ask "what is a crypto currency?", In most of the answers you will hear that this is an analogue of electronic money. At first glance, it is, but a close acquaintance with the crypto-currencies shows that there are many differences and contradictions here. Electronic money - financial obligations, exchange and mutual settlements, which are conducted using information technology:
they must be stored electronically;
to the recipient they arrive only after the bank receives them;
the payer by law can not act as their issuer.

But the crypto currency is another principle - the creation of coins and their further support occurs with the active participation of each participant on the basis of a special mathematical algorithm. In order to ensure the anonymity, which is characteristic of digital currencies, apply a special cryptographic method. But the main feature is Blockchain technology.
The average user experiences difficulties when it comes to crypto-currencies. Private and public keys, the concept of blockage - all this is far beyond his understanding.
Today, using crypto currency, you can buy only other crypto-currencies. Most people do not trade them and are not interested in it.
Sidera ( adapts crypto-currencies so that people can use them in retail stores using smart clocks or a contactless smart bracelet.
Scalable Sidera ecosystem represents a new revolutionary way to send crypto-currency - decentralized wearable devices (smart clocks). This is an unusual device that will ensure the daily and effective use of digital currencies. Sidera stands for freedom and privacy, and therefore fully supports Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and block-technology.
The company began work on the project in September 2016 and is ready to present an innovative product with an existing prototype. SmartBit will be presented in three versions:
BitBand: interchangeable wristbands with touch screen, different colors;

BitWatch Premium: smart smart clock with touch screen, in 3 colors;
BitWatch Visionary: elegant smart clock with touch screen and multi-level security with face recognition and biometric sensor.
With SmartBit, you can safely receive, send and manage crypto-currencies / tokens directly from your wrist.
As a token of gratitude to each participant, Sidera Blockchain Technologies will distribute eQUOS tokens that comply with the ERC-20 standard

HARD CAP: $ 15.000.000
SOFT CAP: $ 1.500.000
Total volume: 51.000.000 EQUOS
1 $ = 0.5 EQUOS
A team of professionals works on the project, which gives confidence in its successful completion.
Join and become a part of Sidera!
More information you can find on the official website
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