Why should we forgive everyone even those who do not deserve it!!

When we were children, we were forced to forgive. For example, when another child was taking our toy, they forced him to apologize and we were obliged to accept it. In adulthood the opposite happens: We often expect an apology, but more often in vain.


Of course, even when others ask for our forgiveness, we never forget what they have done and carry the weight of these insults for the whole of our lives. And every mistake they are doing it makes the load larger, preventing us from living a happy life.

There are people who can even forgive those who do not deserve it, because they know that:

It helps us move forward.

Not to forgive means that we hold subconscious grudges, dissatisfaction and contempt. This way we keep the pain inside us. So we are dealing with the events of the past that hurt us rather than the pleasant events of the present.

First of all, we are that we need more the forgiveness.

We think that the forgiveness concerns people which hurt us or offend us. The truth, however, is that we need more the forgiveness, so we can move forward and not live in the past.

Forgiveness is for everyone.

Not only for those who ask for forgiveness. Strong people still forgive those who do not deserve it, otherwise resentment will affect other people through their behavior. It may be converted to phycological trauma or complex and make incredulous people around us.

Forgiveness means that we are liberated.

Only when we forgive, we can reconcile with our past and not let it ruin our future. With forgiveness the pain leaves and make room for new and cheerful feelings.

When someone decides to forgive, it becomes easy. At a very difficult time in my life I decided to forgive someone who had done me great harm. When I forgive him I felt like I was flying in the air, liberated !!!. It is something that requires great strength, but then cleanses our personal aura and fill us positive energy !!! Try it, it's liberating !!!

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