Travelling to Athens with boat after the end of lockdown

Hello, my friends here I am again with another photography post, this time I will post some photographs which I have captured during my last trip with the boat, 2 days ago. I was traveling alone, and I was feeling very bored, so I captured some photographs to spend my time creatively.



I was feeling very happy that I could travel again because I was in my hometown for 2 months instead of two weeks that I was considering to stay. I went there when the Greek government announced that all educational institutions would be closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and since I would stop working for two weeks because I work in an educational institution, I thought it was a good opportunity to see my family and my friends and maybe to swim at the beautiful beaches of my hometown. But what I had not considered was the fact that the movements from prefecture to prefecture will be banned and that the government will impose a restriction on all citizens, to stay at home for 2 whole months. So I couldn΄t go back to my home and my loving partner also I couldn΄t swim at the sea because it was prohibited.

Fortunately, a week ago, the Prime Minister announced that from the 18th of the month, people will be able to move from prefecture to prefecture with a boat, but he set some requirements for both travelers and shipping companies in order to travel. The boats must be half full, the passengers have to sign a form that says that they didn΄t have the symptoms or had Covid-19 or anyone else in the close circle of friends and family Also all passengers have to wear a mask.





Arriving at the port I saw a lot of people in one-meter distance between them waiting patiently outside the boat and about 80% of them were wearing masks. I was feeling very uncomfortable because I didn΄t want to wear a mask but I had one in my bag in case they didn¨t let me travel without wearing one. A policeman gave me the Covid-19 form I signed it and I went and waited in line to get on the ship. 20 minutes later I was inside the ship observing and photo shooting people and objects around me. Luckily they did not compel to wear a mask so most of the people took it off.





The ship was half full and all the people looked worried and did not know how to behave. To wear a mask? To keep distances from each other? to believe that all the coronavirus facts are real and they must follow all these rules? Is it really so serious that I and thousands of people were forced to stay in one place for so long? Some of them couldn't go even to the funerals of their beloved persons because of Covid-19 restrictions. We sacrificed so many things and every day we read more Covid-19 scandals like fake Death registrations for Covid-19 even they died from natural causes or cancer and much more news every day that we no longer know what to believe, what is fake and what is real. I hope the Q anon Theory is real and all these happening for a good reason.
Wherever you are in Greece, even inside the ships, there is a church. the same on this ship I traveled on. It was very small church but enough to make the passengers understand that they are in a christian country. I really don't like that in my country religion is everywhere criticizing and tries to impose its medieval views.


The trip from Heraklion to Athens takes 9 hours. We started at 9 in the evening and would arrive at 6 in the morning. I didn't have a cabin and I walked around all night to find somewhere to be comfortable but everything was occupied. At 5 o clock when the light of the day was starting to emerge, I grabbed again my camera and capture many photos again.






Finally, we arrived 1 hour later, but I didn't care so much because I enjoyed the view while we were entering the harbor of Piraeus.




So that's was it for today. Stay tuned because yesterday afternoon, I had captured some beautiful photos of my dslr camera at the center of Athens and I will share them in another #mypictureday post. Furthermore, I happened to be outside the Greek parliament where they honored the 353,000 souls who perished in the Pontiac genocide. It was a moving moment, and also rare because, in addition to the classic evzones, there were two others dressed in traditional Pontiac attire. In tomorrow's post I will expand in more detail.
Thanks for visiting my post and reading about my thoughts and views. I used my mobile phone Samsung s9 to capture all the photos of this post.
See ya

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