Thats how they built the PRISON of our MINDS ... and we are transmiting them from generation to generation! Free your mind and think clearly :)

All of us as adults, have grown up in different families each with different parents, in different cities under different systems of education, living conditions, customs and traditions . We all have gone through "education" that is nothing more than a subdued way of thinking in order to reproduce systems, values and opinions of others which are commonly accepted by society .These commonly values called "boxes" or "suits" which we are wearing regardless if it is our number or not.

his is the personality that others are building for us, day after day, year after year. A suit that others made for us and we are wearing it, whether it make us feel pleasant and comfortable or if it makes us feel drowned because it is three numbers smaller and we can't breath well and we do not even like the color !!
This shows us accurately the controlled way of "education" which leads people in a certain direction. And this is none other than the superficial way of life based on materialism. People base their value in degrees that have acquired, their education, their social recognition, their material possessions, their environment, and ultimately whether they are successful in life.
To be able to get away from this, we need to do a radical change of all these opinions and beliefs that make up our personality .they are all mental trash that have loaded us and we are forced to live with them for a life .To live in our ego cuted off from our divine nature.
We came to life as unwritten paintings, clear souls, soft like dough and left others to stain us. To shape us at their will as monstrosities, as suited their way of life and their own needs. And especially our parents, that we often try to alleviate the pain of the abuse, (because it is abuse), and we are justifying them by saying that they didn't knew what they were doing. Or even worse they just wanted our own"good".

nyone could ask, What is the role of the parent if not to give the knowledge of previous generations to the next, I will answer with the famous ancient greek saying "αμαρτίες γονέων παιδεύουσι τέκνα" which means "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children"
So previous genenation instead of respecting children who are the future of humanity, They destroy their souls and a very important thing tha democracy giving us "free will", which is inalienable right of every existence.
Respecting the free will of someone, is to show him as a child, the road that leads to self-knowledge. To show him how to sew the costumes of his beliefs alone. Those who will make him feel comfortable, cheerful, free, and finally happy. Instead parents are trying to make them good little soldiers, speechless, sullen and thoroughly subservient, With this way they can keep living their life through their children. So whats the result with this?
People generation after generation, living the same mistakes, without going through any sense of life experience. Consciousness is not human property. So that everyone can give his own mark in life and follow his own path to self-realiation.

o somme built our stone stone prison and we sit inside and look at the world outside. Through our small field of view, with our limited consciousness and we want to live a free life. This can not be done through the prison. so as long as we continue to look through the window of the prison, as many books as we read, and repeat wise worlds, we won't be able to see the image of the world bigger.
This that will give us our freedom is to tear down the walls of our prison.
Slowly and methodically as the others built them on our behalf. So we will tear them down, stone by stone, day by day, to be able to see the whole picture of our world with our own eyes. To paint life with our own colors. To live freely, confidently with serenity and bliss !! Break the chain !!

I wwill finish my post with one of my favorites greek song that I think it suits with the occasion.
For my own good - Miliokas

I observed the world coming to pieces before me
I observed my neighborhood turn to construction sites
for my blessing

I observed the trees i used to climb down in pieces
on a truck loaded my dreams
for my blessing

I felt the teacher discipline with passion
I observed my hands swell from beating
my nerves bit by bit to shatter
with kindness and love to bash me

For my blessing, for my blessing
until my mind couldn't take anymore
it start working from the opposite direction
and I am in chamber 9 for my blessing
in tranquility myself to uncover

I observed stealing a bite for my bite
clothes to make from my old garments
for my blessing

I observed my mother crying in dismay
I observed my old man immigrant becoming
for my blessing

I observed my pals
I observed them wanting me to be cut off from you
I observed at dawn to toss me at the precinct
to dodge the cell I have to state the poem

For my blessing, for my blessing
until my mind couldn't take anymore
it start working from the opposite direction
and I am in chamber 9 for my blessing
in tranquility myself to find

For my blessing, for my blessing
body and mind became numb
injections, pill, electroshocks for my blessing
today my neighbor was found dead
and I fight myself to find
I have a knife hidden for my blessing

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Hello, @zkalemiss, thanks for the interesting post. I largely agree with you. It is very difficult for a person to break out of the society. But many people try to do it, and they get it!

11.04.2017 11:39

I'm trying too , hope i will get it :)

11.04.2017 11:56

me too, @zkalemiss :)

11.04.2017 12:45