Stake your trx and earn 25% interest daily!!! No minimal withdrawal!!!

Hello, my friends, Today I would like to tell you about the first ROI smart contract with a capitalization of interest function based on the Tron blockchain. The name of the dapp is tronstake and it gives huge returns to its users which can reach up to 25% per day.

Normally I avoid such type of investments that promise you such a large percentage but in this case I gave an opportunity firstly because it is a decentralized application and secondly because you can withdraw your profit whenever you want.


In order to use the Tronstake application, all you need is a tron wallet. I use the tronlink pro wallet that you can download either from playstore for android mobile phones or from the appstore of apple.
Once you have downloaded the wallet and set it up, send your trx to your account and then click on the Discover menu which will show the tron dapps. On the search bar paste this link then enter, and you will be directed at the tronstake dapp.


There you can see that you have some options for investing and you can choose what is better for you. You can invest for 14 days with a daily interest of 25%, for 21 days with a daily interest of 23.9% or for 28 day with 22.4 daily interest.

In addition, if you want to take more risks you can choose the capitalization of interest plan where you lock your investment for the period of time you choose, and you will get paid at the end of the contract. For 14 days you will be paid your initial investment x22, for 21 days x89 and for 28 days x285.


When you decide what investment plan is suitable for you, click at stake trx and the trx coins will automatically be transferred from your tronlink wallet to your tronstake account. (Notice that in order to make your deposit you must have about 50 trx at your wallet)

25% daily is really a good to be true investment plan, but you can withdraw your profits daily so why not? In 4 days you will have your initial investment back, and then you can invest again only your profits or a percentage of them. Personally I have taken my initial investment back and everyday I invest 50% of my profits.

If you decide to invest on tronstake I will be very grateful if you use my reff link ( because I will earn 5% of your investment. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments sections.

Thanks for reading see you at my upcoming posts. :)

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