Never do anything you would not want others to do to you! Stop judging other people and try to see the good every person hides!!!

I am tired of living in a world that people knows only to judge and condemn each person for his actions, choices and life. I am tired of being among people whose main occupation is the lives of Others. I am tired of this world which people thinks they know more about you than you. I am tired, do you hear me?

"The superior people judge themselves. The lower, the others."

I am writing about all those who might have put the "mask of friend", they betray you and behave as you have betrayed them. For all those people who cover up their own bad actions and spreading lies about your own character. I am writing for all those who do not really know you and criticize you about things you never did. I am writing about all those who have made gossip their lifestyle. For all those who judge the different color, religion, origin, size, sexual preferences of everyone, and they do not stop there. They judge with the worst way even people who gave them a helping hand once. I am writing about all those who can not stand to look in the mirror and peek your own life because they can not find any sense in their own ...

But you should not pay attention to these shallow people. They have not lived your life and have not walked in your shoes. Yes, I am writing to you who feel underprivileged and you want to scream. No need. Peole, always listen what they want to hear. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. You are the best judge of yourself, you know the paths you have walked and the tough times you have passed through. Live your life like you want to. Through your mistakes, your passions, your experiences, joys and sorrows. In addition, free is the person he who has been freed from the shackles of detractors.

Life and choices are yours, as long as you don't harm others, you do not have to apologize for anything to anyone.

Choose the way that makes you feel alive and never do anything you would not want other people do to you. Being busy with people you love and love you. Remove the fainthearted people from your life, but always try to see the good they may hide. Do not judge, do not become like them ...

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