MyPictureDay: My visit to the beach when it started to get dark.

Hello my friends. After a long time, welcome again to another #mypictureday photography post. This time I visited the beach near my house, just before the sun completely hides, behind the mountains and its light follow the darkness of the night. As I have told you in my previous posts when the sun goes down and just before dark, it is my favorite time to take photos because I love the colors of the photos I take at this time.
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So yesterday, just before nightfall, I took my camera and went down for a leisurely photo walk on the beach with my dog. I took several photos and today I will present the ones I liked the most.
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In recent years the hospitality on the beach has been greatly upgraded in my city. Plastic sunbeds have been replaced with wooden sunbeds with a cushion on top so that the person sitting can feel more comfortable while enjoying the sun. Furthermore, there are whole wooden beds where the visitor can literally feel like home.

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During my visit to the beach yesterday, the weather was a bit rough and very windy. The owners of the hotel that is above the beach had placed red flags and signs to prevent people from entering the sea and being endangered by currents that can easily seduce you without realizing it.

This rusty sign that prevents people from entering the sea but also the stormy sea from behind made me immediately take a photo and I really liked the result. The word warning and the rough sea make the photograph very realistic.

beach (2).JPG
Lifeguard towers always fascinate me and every time they appear in front of my eyes I do not miss the opportunity to photograph them. This time I took two photos, one with a background of mountains and another with a background of blue cloudy sky.

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Here we have an abstract photo of the sand. Some may think that it is just a photo that shows the sand. I personally see my dog's footprints and some seaweed scattered in the sand ..

DSC_0836 .JPG

A tower of sand obviously made by children who spent their time creatively on the beach. Unfortunately the weather conditions did not allow it to last long and it has been damaged. Sometimes this is how our expectations and hopes are dissolved, like a tower on the sand.

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A lifebuoy tied with a rope by the sea so as not to get lost and is not there when you really need it. How many times did we need help and it was not really there. In this case, the help is tied so that it is always there when we need it.


Just above the beach, there is a state-of-the-art hotel which was built 2 years ago and is considered one of the best in the area. I took some distant photos of the hotel, the first one with its lights off and the second one when they just turned them on. The difference is huge and the hotel seems very impressive with that purple light. Every day they change the color of the light which I think it a very good marketing trick to make potential customers notice it.

DSC_0840 .JPG
DSC_0855 .JPG
In my opinion both photos above are impressive. The combination of the cloudy sky, the mountains, the flowers and the hotel makes the photo look very nice.
Let me show you one third photo where you can see the hotel a little closer,
DSC_0854 .JPG

Finally, I will close today's post with a photo depicting the beach at a time when it is getting dark and the sun is already hidden. There is still good visibility but the low lighting combined with the rough sea and the sounds that the wave makes when it pops on the beach creates a strange sensuality in the atmosphere. At that time I felt very calm and I felt my mind was thinking very clearly and not being negatively affected by bad emotions.
it was as if the sea breeze was spewing gas with some drug that made you feel completely calm. I have felt this ecstatic feeling many times when we are near the sea and it is stormy and maybe that is why I subconsciously always prefer the rough sea.

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So that was for today!! Write in the comments how do you feel when you are near the sea and the weather is stormy. Thanks for visiting my blog!! See you at my next post.

P.S I captured all the pictures with my dslr camera NIkon d3400 with the basic lense 15-55mm.


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