Mypictureday: Admiring Athens from the Lycabettus hill

Hello, my friends. Welcome to another #mypictureday post. This time I visited one of the highest points of Athens, Lycabettus Hill and I had the opportunity to admire my beloved city from above. Lycabettus Hill is very close to the center of Athens and only takes 10 minutes by car to get there and about half an hour on foot if you start from Syntagma Square.

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I preferred to go on foot, to enjoy nature, and to exercise a little but also to take some photos in the small forest that you have to cross to reach the hill. The path in the forest was fenced with wood and it was very relaxing.
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As always, I had with me my female dog Lisa, who always accompanies me on my photo trips and enters my photos completely by accident. The moment I take a photo and she comes in front of the camera I get angry but after I go home and see her in my photos a sweet smile appears on my face.

I found a prohibition sign in the middle of the forest and I was interested in photographing it because it seemed very strange that it was there as there was no road nearby for cars to pass. Then I thought that unconscious and vandal people are everywhere and that nothing should surprise me. I took a shot of it and I continued on my way to the top of the hill.
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In the photo below is a stone gutter that I can not understand exactly what it is used for but it aroused my interest like all the other things that are in a straight line and lead somewhere in the background.
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The route was a bit uphill and tiring from the hot summer of July but as soon as I reached the top of the hill I was fully compensated by the beautiful panoramic view of the city.

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From above the apartment buildings seemed to be very small in size and looked like matchboxes. In the background you can see the jewel of Athens, the acropolis that you can see from many parts of the city but from the hill of Lycabettus it looks even more beautiful next to so many tons of cement.
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The city looks chaotic from above which is almost unrecognizable. In the photo below we see another straight line, a street between thousands of apartment buildings.

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In Greece, apart from the ancient marble majestic buildings, you can find churches everywhere which are equally impressive. In the photo below we see one of them located below the hill of Lycabettus decorated with a huge green dome
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at the top of the hill of Lycabettus there is another small church but I did not go up to take a close-up photo because it was a baptism and it was very crowded.

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I stayed about two hours on the hill of Lycabettus. The atmosphere was very relaxing and my head was empty of bad thoughts and the problems of everyday life. Just before I left the sun started to set and I took some photos of the sunset.

DSC_1933  .JPG

If you have noticed, a few minutes before the sun is completely hidden, its color has an impressive orange color that enchants even the hardest soul. I was very lucky to stay there until it was completely hidden and I managed to capture some photos while the sun was setting. The scenery seemed like fake, like a drawing and not a photograpgh.
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when the sun was completely hidden I took the road back home. I really enjoyed my time at the hill of Lycabettus and I will visit it again soon.
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All the pictures are mine. I have captured them with my dsl camera nikond3400.
Thanks for stopping by. See you at my upcoming posts.

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@zkalemiss, It is a pity that not all photos have opened.

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@zkalemiss Желаю Вам удачных фото-сеансов. Я ни разу не был в Афинах, а полюбоваться там есть на что! Спасибо за репортаж!

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