Lets make some Refreshing cocktails. 4 cocktails recipes inside :)

Hello, my friends. Today I am back again with another cocktail post. This time I will share another 3 refreshing summer cocktails recipes which are very tasty, aromatic and very enjoyable in the summer season. I used to make these cocktails at the restaurant of a five-star hotel which I was working as a bartender the last summer.

As a bartender, I always tried to satisfy all the taste preferences of my customers and that's why my list always contained various flavors and aromas. Also, I use very often Greek spirits because I appeal to foreign customers who want to try the flavors of my homeland. The first cocktail that I will share with you today is bitter, the second is aromatic and refreshing, the third is flower flavored and at last the fourth is sweet and sour.


Dry Negroni

Dry negroni is a variation of 2 famous cocktails that blend harmoniously into a very tasty cocktail aimed at lovers of bitter flavors. These two cocktails are well known and I am sure that most of you have already tried them. The first one is Negroni and the second is the Dry martini. Both of these cocktails are very aromatic but also very bitter. Personally, I don΄t like this cocktail but some of my customers used to love it and was drinking 2 or three in a row.


20ml Noilly prat (dry French vermouth)
20ml Skinos (Greek mastiha liqueur)
50ml gin
20ml Campari
3-4 dashes celery bitters
method: mixing glass, stir
garnish: 2 cucumber rolls
Put all the ingredients with a lot of ice in a mixing glass and stir until your drinks get very cold. Then strain the cocktail in a glass and garnish with 2 cucumber rolls and a piece of an orange peel


Skinos Spritz
Skinos is a greek, very aromatic liqueur which is made from the mastiha of Chios. I decided to make this spritz cocktail with this greek spirit because tourists love to try greek flavors and they drink this kind of cocktails while eating because it is light, refreshing and it is low alcohol. Also, it a very tasty cocktail that you can enjoy at the beach while you are sunbathing.


60ml Skinos liqueur
20ml lime
15ml simple syrup
4 spearmint leaves
top up prosecco
Method: stir
garnish: spearmint

fill a balloon or a wine glass with ice and pour all the ingredients inside except the prosecco. Then add the spearmint leaves and stir very well with a bar spoon. Then top up with the prosecco wine and garnish with spearmint leaves.


Pink Rose
Have you ever tried Gordons Pink Gin? In this cocktail, I use this spirit as a basic ingredient. Pink Gin combines the balance of Gordon's refreshing taste with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with the taste of red gooseberry in a unique tone. In addition, in this cocktail, I use elderflower syrup which makes the flavor of this cocktail floral and very aromatic. Most of the times, girls were ordering this cocktail due to its color but except its appearance eventually, they liked it for its sweet flavor and its floral aromas.

DSC_0746 (2).JPG
60ml Pink gin
10ml elderflower syrup
20ml lime
top up pink grapefruit soda
Method: built
garnish: grapefruit peel

Fill a glass with ice and then pour the three first ingredients. Then stir with a bar spoon and top up with grapefruit soda. At last garnish with a grapefruit peel and our pink rose is ready :)


No, it is not Margarita that we all know but Mangarita. It is a variation of the popular cocktail with mango fruit pure which makes the sour cocktail sweet and sour. It is very tasty and very refreshing and it is worth to try it. :)

60 ml white tequila
30ml lime
20ml triple sec (orange liqueur)
10ml agave syrup
20ml mango fruit puree
Method: shake
garnish: lime, brown sugar on the glass

Fill a shaker with ice and pour all the ingredients inside. Beat the shaker very well until it becomes very cool. Then put lime and sugar around the glass and strain the cocktail inside.

So that was it for today! Thanks for stopping by I hope you liked my photos and you will try to make my cocktails! See you at my next post. :)


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