I Visited the beautifull lake of KOURNAS in Creta and took some very nice photos just for your eyes :) Also history , myths and environmental value.

Kournas lake is located in Chania, Crete,it is a natural lake with a rich biodiversity that will satisfy even the most demanding nature lovers when they will visit it.

Mentioned in antiquity called Koresia and believed that there was close to Korisia Athena sanctuary. The renaming of the lake Korisia placed during the period of Arab rule in Crete, but the origin of the name sometimes given to the Arabic word meaning lake or sink and sometimes as a paraphrase of the Greek word hydrant.(in greek krounos)

The exact altitude and the dimensions of the lake are changing during the year, revealing sandy shore at the summer. The lake has a maximum length of 1,087 meters and a maximum width of 880 meters. It has a maximum area of 579 hectares and the maximum depth of the lake is 22.5 meters. Its surface lies at an altitude of 20 meters above sea level.

The lake is fed by two springs, underground and surface runoff, while the spring Amati is visible to the decline of the water, which is observed in the lake during the summer months.

It is an important station for migratory birds, it has been included in the Natura 2000 network and it is protected as a Bird Protection Area.In the avifauna of Lake included common ducks, ferruginous ducks, purple heron, egret, moorhens, Ferentinou, glossy ibis and occasional herons and cormorants, which find shelter here. In the region of Lake there are identified over 40 species of birds and several species of reptiles.

In the lake you can swim in its crystal clear freshwater or go hiking on the shore of the lake, and you can also enjoy genuine Cretan products at restaurants that exist around the lake.

The lake beyond the natural beauty that has,is sourounded by two myths with similar characteristics the creation and that one entity haunts it.
The first myth speaks about a beautiful girl with blond hair, which her father was hunting her to rape her because he was captivated by her beauty. In an effort to escape her father reached the place where the lake is today and said the following words: "Voula and Voulolimna I haunt the lake." Then the spirits who were there heeded the desire, the ground began to shake and sag engulfing the beautiful lady, resulting the creation of the lake and the girl to become a fairy.

The second myth states that the inhabitants of the area were unfaithful and were making debaucheries. God punished them by creating very heavy rains for a long time on this area, causing rain water to drown the people and created the lake in the area . According to the legend of the disaster the only saved was the daughter of the priest which haunts the lake.

There is also another theory, which claims that the Kournas lake has no bottom because of the lake coloring (around the water is blue and the center of an intense deep blue) and that there are very intense electromagnetic fields that affect mood (either positively or negative) to those visiting the lake

The lake situation generally characterized as good, but is threatened with degradation of its environmental value. Incorrect construction of the dam that does not allow the controlled outflow, the abstraction of the lake water to irrigate irrigated land, the water needs of communities and depositions have been significantly alter the quantitative and bathymetric features of the lake.

Thanks peole for reading :) I had visited douzens of times this lake. It is the only one here in Crete.I enjoy to be in nature and take shots!
I have made more post about nature and I will make even more! So if you are a nature lover follow me more coming!!

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