I started trading cryprocurrencies yesterday!! My first impressions about trading platforms and my little experience on them.

Since I've joined steemit, I have read dozens of posts which says how good opportunity is to trade with cryptocurrency. I have also watch many videos on youtube about exchanging sites and how can I make profit from cryptocurrencies . I don't have much experience on trading but I 'm not completely irrelevant. I use bittrex from steem transactions and I was registered at yobit.com when I first met with bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally. I have also tried the binary options which I learned how to read the charts,in order to understand if the coin is going to go low or up.

So after reading a lot of success stories here on stemit and a video I watched on youtube I decided to start trading!!

I was allready registered at yobit.net and at bittrex and I thought why not trying more trading platforms in order to see which is the best and which coins are in every platform. Below you will see which platforms I choose to open an account and I will write my experience and my critics about every platform.

Poloniex was the fist trading site I opened an account because I was feeling so familiar with it because I have read about it here on steemit hundreds of times. So I registered and I sent 90 steem from my steemit account. The transaction was done only in five minutes. Then I checked bittrex and realized that people are buying steem more expensive there. So I decided to sell my 90 steem at bittrex, but the site didn't allow me to send my money because steem transactions didn't work the specific time. They allowed only the deposits not withdrawals. I didn't like that at all. I sold my steem for bitcoins and send them to livecoin.net

The second site I registered was livecoin.net , I 've seen lot of youtubers work on this platform so I decided to buy cryptocurrensies with my bitcoin (0.00115) at this platform! I looked very well at coinmarketcap and I then I bought 171 e-dinar at livecoin the value of e-dinar was 0.00007 btc and in the coinmarketcap it was 0.00012. So Which site was correct livecoin or coinmarketcap? I THOUGHT i could buy for 7.000 shatoshi and sell for 12.000 shatoshi on an other platform. But then I couldn't find many trading sites with e-dinar. At last I decided to send my 172 e-dinar at my wallet. (What is special with e-dinar is that it gives you daily 0.65% of the money you have on your e-dinar wallet.) So if I was depositing 172 e-dinars at my wallet I could gain everyday 1.1 e-dinar and more and when the price goes as high as I wanted I could sell them and won more money. But livecoin.net didn't allow me to withdraw my coins to my wallet, informing me that the minimum withdrawal is 500 e-dinars. REALLY?? Why it has to be such a big sum? It is a trading site and not gambling games.

Now I am a little confused of what am I going to do now! Should I wait till the coin rise again and sell it on livecoin.net or sell them and buy from somewhere else that I can move them whenever I want? the price is now 1000 shatoshi down.

I found spacebtc on coinmarketapp.com while I was looking for platforms tha sells e-dinar. The price of e-dinar at spacebtc was 0.24 usd. and the platform seemed like haunted, :P There were very few transactions and there were only 3 people who was buying e-dinar for 1000-2000 shatoshi. So I exluded this platform, from my options at the first 3 minutes.

I am registered at yobit.net about 6 months now .I was buying e-dinar coins from this and I was senting them to my wallet. But one day e-dinars transaction stopped and e-dinar coin became a ROM coin(Rising Only Market). It rised about 900% but you couldn't sell it and do any transactions. Some months later I return to YOBIT.NET and I'm finding a different e-dinar that is not ROM anymore and it costs 2000 shatoshi less than other platforms? what the hell? Is this the https://wallet.edinarcoin.com/?r=zkal1988original e-dinar? who knows? So I don't trust Yobit.net anymore.

The only trading platform I trust is bittrex , I use it for a long time and I never had any problems.

All suggestions about posts , articles, videos about trading with cryptocurrencies are more than welcome!!
Also write on the comments bellow which trading site do you use!

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