I met a dog of the most expensive breed in the world!! Its owner bought it for 1,400,000 euros!!

Hello friends!! Yesterday I have gone at the national garden for a walk with my dog!! While I was walking between the trees, a giant dog, got near us and I felt scared!! When the dogs owner came near me I first asked him: "should I be scared"?? He immediately appeased me by telling me that it is a very gentle dog and it have never harmed anybody!


After a long discussion about that dog, I asked him if his dog was an Tibetan mastiff. I was fully surprised when he answered positively. I thought that this is the most expensive dog in the world so I asked him how much did he buy it. He told me that he bought it for 1.400.000 euros and he sold 5 flats to buy it but he also told me that he hasn't denied about this purchase at all. He is very happy with it!


Tibetan mastiffs are very wild animals and sometimes they can be very dangerous. They have send to the hospital a lot of people including their owners sometimes! But this one was different as the its owner told me. They walk everyday for 7 hours in athens and the dog is always free. he even didn΄t have a leash with him!! Indeed the dog wasn΄t wild at all. It was playing with my dog like a puppy!

The weight of the dog was 85 kg and its height was 95 cm.. It was 10 kgs more from the normal size of this dog and it had 20cm more height! Its owner told me that it is from the most ancient dog in the world and most of the dogs are coming from its breed ! What is so impressive with that dog is the fur around its neck. When it get nervous its fur festers and look like a lion!


If you like dogs like me and live in athens, you may one day meet this gentleman with his dog..He is very friendly and passionate about his dog so he will explain everything you want to know about this breed and his dog certainly..
thanks for reading!! see you next time!!

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This is amazing!!! That was really a LOT of money!!!

04.02.2018 07:48

Indeed the amount is huge..but he owner told me tha he haven¨t denied at all..the dog "deservers" it was his answer!!

04.02.2018 07:58