GREEK FOOD YEMISTA ( Stuffed vegetables) Recipe and photos :)

Today I decided to make one of my favorite Greek food. :) It takes about  1 hour of preperation and 2 hours of baking in the oven but the result will thrill you. It is a food that we mostly eat in the summer here in greece because it is the best season for tomatoes, they are delicious.

The vegetables I use are tomatoes, colour peppers and eggplants. (the original greek recipe has only tomatoes and dark green peppers)  Slice the top of the vegetables and set them aside.Then scoop out the flesh of the tomatos and eggplants with a spoon and put them in a bowl. Do the same process with the peppers and keep only the white flesh inside them. (it is very aromatic).  After put in the blender the flesh of the vegetables  with onion,spearmint ,raisins ,parsley and blend them for 1 minute. Then in a medium sause pan put the ingredients from the blender olive oil and rice and cook them for 10-15 minutes. when our stuffing is ready we fill up the vegetables and bake them with tomato sause olive oil and wate at 180 Degrees Celsius for 2 hours.

and our delicious greek food is ready :)

we can also accompany it with Greek yogurt. This combination is deadly  :P

If you want the recipe with details don't hesitate to ask.  It's worth it to make this food because it is healthy and delicious

thanks for reading :)

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In Russia, instead of Greek youghurt, we mostly use sower cream - or creme fraiche, as it is called in French. Deadly it is, indeed)))

30.04.2017 14:20