Chocolate Financier!!! A fantastic, gluten free, crunchy cake you should certainly try!!! (original content)

hello my friends . Today I will show you something very special!! A gluten free cake which is so tasteful that you can't resist! The name of the recipe I will show you today is FINANCIER !! I change the recipe on my tastes and I made it gluten free.I also added some dark chocolate and now it is super delicious!!! With the recipe I give, you can make about 30 piecies depending the size you want them.


Dry  ingredients:

320 grams almond powder (grind almonds on the food processor)

45 grams cocoa powder

200 grams confectioner sugar

wet ingredients 

280 grams butter (I use animal butter 82% it is very aromatic)

6 egg whites

150 grams dark chocolate melted.

First put the butter in a sauce pan and cook it till it becomes brown. But be careful we want it brown not black!You will understand that is ready from the color and the aromas it will release.

Then melt the chocolate in a bain marie .( Put water in a  casserole to boil and above the hot water put the chololate to melt)

then grind the almonds to make them powder. don't grind them very much because we want our cake to be a little crunchy.

then gather all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Now put all the wet ingredients into a ball and mix them. (the egg white preferably put in the mixer first to make a Meringue) and the pour it over the wet engredients and mix them with a dimmer or just with a spoon.

now mix both wet and dry ingredients with a mariz, a spoon or your hand !!

now that our mixture is ready we put it in a  griddle and we bake it at 360F (180 c) for 12-15 minutes..(the mixture must be fluid) on the griddle put some butter and then some flour because it will stack on it when is ready.

After the baking it will be like that! let it cool down for 10 minutes and then cut it.

And our financier are ready to eat them :)

I put them on my buffet so I had to decorate them and I put on the top some chocolate cream.

thanks for reading :) I advise you to make them,they are very tasty and very easy to make. you will need 40-45 minutes maximum. Sorry for the quality of the photos but I was at work and I didn't have time to focus on them..

If you want more sweet recipes follow @zkalemiss

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hmm, should be tasty, thanks!

09.05.2017 18:31
По виду больше на брауни похоже, чем на финансье.
Хотя масло жарится, как положено. И, наверное, вкусно.
Спасибо за рецепт!
09.05.2017 18:32