Check out my artwork as a pastry chef!!beatiful colours and shapes!!

Hello Golos! I starting at a new job. As you all know I work as a barista for the last 3 years but before that I was working as a pastry chef. I changed my carreer because I was working only in the summertime and I was very intersted at coffee, But now I decided to come back to sweets and candies cause I missed that job.So this summer of 2017 I will work as a pastry chef in a five stars hotel!Some days ago I went to the hotel and did some rehearsals for my menu. I took some shots of the sweets, and I will present them here today. So enjoy!!

After 3 years of absence from the confectionery a lot of things changed and new fantastic ingredients came up!Bellow you will see some sweets i made and I will try to explain you what sweet is at every image I will post!
brownies with mousse mango and painted chocolate for decor

Ιndividual cake with red velvet sponge cake and vanilla cream painted with pink special cake for pastries!

Sponge cake with panacotta cream and strawberry sause on the top, for decor painted chocolate.

Sponge cake with panacotta cream, painted with green colour and some chocolate on the top!This will give colour on my buffet.

Crunchy biscuit base with cream of blackberry on the top.decor gel with glitter and painted chocolate.

Cake with chocolate and mango cream. decored with chocolate and some mango cream!

Individual cake with chocolate and orange cream! Decor with painted chocolate!

panacotta with cherry sauce and some chocolate for decor!

Chocolate with mango cream and peanut sponge cake for decor :)

Apple cream with cramble biscuit.

Thats on of my favorites. chocolate with forest fruits cream and sauce. I love forest fruits :)

And some colourfull sweets with various ingredients!

The sweets above is only the beginning. In 10 days I'm starting work and I will post a lot of sweets recipes. So if you are interested follow me more are coming.
Thanks for reading :)

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Выглядит аппетитно, знать бы ещё, что там написано...
А фотки верх ногами - это так задумано или пост публиковался не глядя?

08.04.2017 11:32

hello @lumia thanks for reading. you can use translation if you want to know what my post says :)
Some pictures are upside down because I like it most this way. It is my artistic view :)

08.04.2017 11:38