A sculpture made on a dead tree. I think the details on the sculpture are amazing.

Hello my friends :) Today i drove 40 miles, to photoshoot a tree which is a piece of art. It is a dead olive tree who lived for 600 years. Just before people cut it, in order to sell it as firewood, a greek wood sculptor save it and after 2 years of work you will see bellow the result!On the sculpture you can see 4 ancient greek gods.

This tree is located at north Creta of Greece in a small seafront village called Matala. At the 70s-80s hippies were living there at the caves around the beach of the village. Matala represents love, friendship and freedom!

You will understand what the sculpture shows with the following small "anthem in Matala" that the sculptor wrote when he finished it..

Thousands of years ago when God Dionysus drunk the creation with sweet wine, revelry and temptations.

When God Hermes was spreading all over the world Hellenism and our culture ...

With the power that Neptune the king of the seawas giving , making naval superpower.

But above all the strength and especially the wisdom of Zeus, God of Gods who built this place.

It is not surprising that the flower children lived here, it is not surprising that they were watching the sea envisioned a future that is based on love, life, friendship and peace.

Close your eyes,fall in love, do dreams "Everything flows," saying Heraclitus ... Live today, live eternity, the magic of this blessed place, the unique in the universe ... Matala.

Thanks for reading my friends.

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