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 SECURIX.IO - A token-driven Bitcoin mining Company  with a highly  scalable, eco-friendly mining operation in the Netherlands  has  announced its interest to explore business opportunities in the  Middle  East, starting with sponsoring the Dubai International Blockchain   Summit, which is taking place on the 9th of August at Atlantis Hotel,   the Palm, Dubai. As Founder and CEO Jac Donkersloot will be speaking   live on stage regarding the company, the products and recent events in   the crypto mining industry. Securix  is providing superior value to  cloud mining alternatives, as the  Securix token (SRXIO) holders will  continuously receive a share of the  monthly gross revenue from the  mining operations, making investing in  cryptocurrency worry-free and  straightforward.  “In  my vision is for nobody to be excluded from block  chain technology.  Everyone who participates can benefit from our  product. MAXIMISING VALUE  FOR EVERYONE” commented Jac Donkersloot,  Founder and CEO of Securix. Securix’s  token-based solution will help  alleviate a lot of the common cloud  mining problems, as users won’t  forfeit their investment if the market  dips and mining which isn’t  profitable. Instead,  Securix will set a portion of their company  profits aside as a company  reserve to keep the lights on while they  wait for the market to recover.  In addition, tokens will be secured  using smart contracts, so they  can’t be cancelled until they run their  course. Holding  a securix token has no hidden costs and allows for a  high output per  token as mentioned above. No company is guaranteed to  succeed, of  course, but given that Securix has its token backed by  their physical  assets (the mining hardware), an established team, and  an extensive  white paper that analyses their potential market it is  safe to say they  are here to stay.  will exhibit with a  booth at the Dubai International Blockchain Summit,  as it will provide  an opportunity for passers-by to enter a lottery  which will entitle  them to win SRXIO tokens, as winners will be  announced live on the  company’s Facebook page during the event.  

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