Recently appeared virtual currencies have already managed to  interest many traders and investors who want to get a high income in the  shortest period of time. However, their desire at the moment is  associated with certain problems in the world of the crypto-currency  industry, which include:   

  • lack of government regulation to protect traders 'and investors' funds transferred to the exchange account;
  • high probability of theft of funds from the accounts of crypto-currency trading platforms by hackers;
  • high volatility of existing virtual currencies, which does not  exclude the risk of losing funds even if they are stored on a cold  wallet;
  • high fees and a lengthy withdrawal process on exchanges, which can take up to several weeks;
  • lack of transparency in the presented today stablecoin secured by physical assets or Fiat currencies.

In other words, the entry of traders and investors to the  cryptocurrency market is quite easy, unlike the withdrawal of funds from  it, which is associated with high risks, time delays and a number of  difficulties. To solve all the above problems and provide an  opportunity to safely invest in cryptocurrencies will allow the project  called ROCKZ. 


Project objective

The developers of ROCKZ intend to provide a reliable binding of the  world of virtual currencies to the real economy, to provide ways of  profit-taking, as well as to eliminate all the risks associated with the  work of exchanges and counterparties. 


Principle of operation

Virtual currency RKZ will be issued by the company Alprockz AG,  headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. This cryptocurrency will be provided  by one of the most stable currencies in the world – the Swiss franc. It is important to note that 90 per cent of the Swiss franc reserve  will be kept in safe Deposit boxes in the form of banknotes. At the same  time, the remaining 10 percent will be located on the deposits of the  most reliable Swiss banking institutions, thereby ensuring a constant  increase in the value of the virtual currency. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that all reserves will  be stored on the terms of a trust mandate. This allows holders of RKZ  tokens, even in the event of bankruptcy of the issuing company, to gain  access to Fiat funds in Swiss banks. 

 The main users of this digital asset should be:   

  • cryptocurrency investors who want to protect their funds from risks;
  • sellers of goods and services who want to use a reliable and secure cryptocurrency for their payments;
  • miners who wish to legally convert earned tokens to Fiat;
  • ordinary users who wish to store their own funds safely.

Unlike some existing today stablecoin RKZ will ensure transparency in  the process. In accordance with Swiss anti-money laundering  legislation, RKZ foreign exchange reserves will be subject to an audit  by an independent entity. The results of the audit will be placed in the  personal account of each client. Thus, each owner of RKZ tokens will be  able to get acquainted with the state of currency reserves at any time. Security of customer funds is ensured by multi-factor authentication,  which requires multiple signatures, as well as the use of biometric  data to confirm access. In addition, customer funds are not stored on  the RKZ platform, which is why hackers can not steal them. It is also  important to pay attention to the presence of encryption algorithm P2PE,  which is considered the most reliable as of today. 

 Fees within the platform will be charged for:  

  • delivery of RKZ to cryptocurrency holders;
  • delivery of funds to owners of RKZ equivalent amount in Fiat currency;
  • delivery of the equivalent amount of banknotes in Switzerland;
  • providing partner licenses.

 Within the framework of the platform, APZ tokens will also be launched,  which will be sold during the ICO. These tokens provide investors with  lifetime bonuses and benefits, including those that will appear in the  further development of the site. 


Dates and details of the ICO

The developers intend to release 175 million APZ. Public sale is  planned for the 1st quarter of 2019. The cost of the 1st APZ will be  0.60 CHF. Hardcap project - 53.55 million CHF. The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows: 



The creation of a platform for the legal exchange of cryptocurrency  for Fiat funds and a stable digital currency with maximum transparency  and security is quite interesting. This project should attract the  attention of investors due to the fact that all funds are stored in  Swiss banks, which are considered the most reliable in the world. In addition, the company ROCKZ AG already has an MVP, which indicates the serious intentions of the developers. 


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