Norton Exchange 

 Norton Exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading and  exchange platform with the appropriate move to occupy the existing  crypto space of exchanges. The exchange allows users the control of  their funds which is different from centralized exchanges that operate  with no private keys. Users will not need to worry about matters of  limitations, regulations or possible security threat as the Norton  Decentralised Exchange will be limitless regarding conditions and  security to the advantage of the users. Norton Exchange Background
The Norton Exchange is an actual Distributed Ledger Technology built to  be open source and uses the Nortonchain technology as the core of its  operations. The Nortonchain is a P2P distributed ledger that works to  eliminate the existing shortcomings of the Bitcoin blockchain and foster  safe, free and fast transactions for the user. The accounting will also  allow anyone to build and use decentralized applications that can run  on the blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin, Nortonchain is an  open-source project and is designed to be adaptable and flexible for the  creation of applications for use. Norton Exchange Features
The Norton Exchange supports the following set of features Atomic Swap
Norton Exchange deploys Atomic Swap technology which enables the  interested parties to trade different cryptocurrencies and tokens  without the possibility of defaulting on the exchange. With the Atomic  Swap exchange, there is no chance that the other party can run off  before the trade is complete. Micropayments
Users within Norton Exchange can conduct transactions of all kinds with the possibility of minimal payments through tokens. Pegged Assets
The Norton Exchange also offers pegged assets which are a new type of  digital assets that bear a value meant to track the price of a  conventional asset. Swift Order Matching
Traders looking for advanced trading strategies can also try out Norton  Exchange's Swift Order matching option to execute crypto trades by  pairing their purchase orders with the sell orders. Margin Trading
Traders with limited cryptocurrency resources can opt for the margin  trading option to allow them to leverage the investment without having  to hold the assets. Trade analysis
Norton Exchange provides crypto traders with a trade analysis tool to  assess and give a technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Futures Trading
Apart from cryptocurrency trading, Norton Exchange allows for the  participation of users in the merging cryptocurrency derivatives market. Mobile Trading App
The Norton Exchange mobile app facilitates the management and trading of  the user's cryptocurrency assets safely and efficiently. The Norton Token (NRT)
The Norton Exchange intends to use Norton Token as an internal asset to  facilitate the transactions, chargeable fees and make it easier for the  crypto trading process. The token also powers the AI and ML systems, to  enable continuous execution of operations with more emphasis on is  liquidity and auto trade capabilities. The positives with Norton Exchanger
Besides the criteria behind its operation, the Norton Exchange also recognizes the following User experience
Norton Exchange entrusts its design of having a usable and intuitive User interface to ensure the best class of an exchange Inclusion
As a decentralized exchange, Norton Exchange removes the barrier for  crypto traders and developers looking to get their new tokens listed. Democracy
Under Norton Exchange, a decentralized democracy is achievable since no  single entity runs the exchange and it is, by all means, an integrated  open source technology. 

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