WHAT IS DECOIN ? DECOIN is a Blockchain-Based Exchange & Trading Platform with  Redistributed Revenues to Coin holders. DECOIN is a program that provide  a tool, service or media where you can exchange and trade  cryptocurrency. And this program isn’t only helping you to buy and trade  for different type of cryptocurrency. But, you also can make profit  from it. In simpler way, DECOIN tries to create a real trading platform  that is similar to the currency trading that you can find today.  However, with the Blockchain technology, DECOIN will have faster and  safer system. This will help the trader to easily decide their trading  movement and make profit from it. 

 OVERWIEV The Decoin blockchain cryptocurrency platform is strategically about a  blockchain decentralized exchange framework that manages the place of  all re-distributed funding and revenues for coin users and holders. The  platform is further about maintaining and creating a sequential trading  platform for revenue distributed coin holders on the blockchain  cryptocurrency marketplace. The Decoin is basically decentralized as  stated above and it has a technical Ethereum support node fill of ERC 20  paradigm. This makes it usefulness top notch for all users. Thus, the  nodes sequence creates a node point for all the users to enjoy token  coinage using the fiat currencies. The basic syntax of operations is the  fundamental drive point of its security. The platform also hopes to  build a worldwide renowned customers care centres. This will enhance the  functionality of the Decoin operations and activity usefulness. DECOIN is the first company to develop sophisticated wallets that  allow you to spend your digital currency whenever you want and where  ever you are.
DECOIN  is an open digital open source ecosystem that includes its own digital  currency. 

 Decoin is a peer-to-peer trading system primarily created to  generate a new stream of income for individuals, who may have exhausted  the traditional stock market trading already. It is created for the  people, not only for big companies. Unlike the traditional mutual funds  and stocks that are exclusive to a few experts, Decoin is largely  accessible by the people, who have the extra funds to invest, the guts  to take the investment risks, the mind to formulate strategies, and the  faith in crypto evolution. It is set to revolutionize digital trading  with its features. DECOIN aims at providing a worldly-renowned, quick, and easy  multicurrency-exchange and trading platform, which shares the profits  with all its coin-holders. This would mean that regardless of whether  the market is going up or down, the users can still gain revenues from  the transaction fees and the daily volume, accumulated in the exchange.  Moreover, DECOIN takes pride in providing the highest possible security  levels so that users can experience the world of cryptocurrencies  without any worry. 97% of the customers funds are stored offline and the  rest 3% of the liquidity will be insured by an insurance company,  making it a completely hacker-safe environment 

 FEATURES Decoin Trade and Exchange Platform (D-TEP)  

  • Secure - following financial industry standards, D-TEP protects all sensitive data stored on its platform.
  • Scalable - capable of executing up to 1 million match's per+ second,  making D-TEP one of the fastest and most scalable exchanges in the  market today, able to handle the large volumes of trading expected .
  • Quick – D-TEP uses innovative technology that enables us to+ execute  buy/sell orders swiftly - without the lag that characterizes many of  the exchanges active today .
  • Social Trading – leading traders on D-TEP who are interested and+  consenting will receive DECOINS to have their activities tracked and  displayed anonymously, allowing other traders to learn from their  knowledge and experience.
  • Trading Tools – D-TEP also plans on offering financial tools such+  as contract for difference(CFDs), allowing traders to take advantage of  prices moving up or prices moving down on underlying financial  instruments.
  • First Crypto Index – To make the trading experience as seamless, enjoyable and
    profitable as possible for partners and users, DECOIN/D-TEP is launching its
    first crypto index (DCI). Companies trading their coins through D-TEP will directly
    influence the increase in value of the DECOIN, creating revenues for all DECOIN

 DCI D-TEP Crypto Index  

  • In lieu of a buy-in fee, companies wishing to join D-TEP swap out  their own coins with DECOINS, immediately granting them unprecedented  access to opportunities to trade and make attractive investments in  crypto companies within the DCI.
  • A platform for the people - As increased promotion and longer  periods remaining with a particular investment leads to increased DECOIN  valuation and profits for all users, users are mutually interested and  invested in trading through the D-TEP platform.
  • Investment-as-a-fund - Will raise the value of DTEP coins for the  long term, which will lead to a higher revenue of the coin holders
  • Flexible investment opportunities - As a personal ETF, users have  full control over the division of your investment assets among ICOs and  companies listed in the D-TEP crypto index (DCI). lowering risk and  protecting all invested funds

 D-TEP Credit Card  

  • DECOIN is the first company that has developed sophisticated wallets  that let you spend your digital currency when ever you want and where  ever you are.
  • To enable every DECOIN holder to enjoy and access the profits he  receives, regardless of whether he traded himself or had been awarded  his share of DECOIN profits.
  • Card holders will also have access to rebates and other cost savings  in selected stores, entertainment venues and other consumer facing  stores.
  • provides five (5) types of credit card with different types of benefits – all depending on the amount investment in DECOIN.

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