Bitcoin Sport is a decentralized public cryptocurrency project based on blockchain technology — a token coin with an instant money transfer system and multi-currency, Waves crypto wallet based on the Waves-Platform, supported by the BS Cryptocurrency Fund and the Internet Investment Fund, which additionally provides liquidity, advertising support for the project and ultimately coin value growth.

The Bitcoin Sport venture accompanies a future stage and an advanced money bank that consolidates the advantages or vantage of an exemplary save money with the assistance of brokers, players of a cryptographic money showcase, and an astounding method for putting resources into the computerized cash advertise.

Bitcoin Sport (BSport) is a cryptographic money stage being made and a different computerized cash. Presently the expense of a Bitcoin Sport (BSport) coin is pegged to a few well known digital currencies (BTC, ETH, Waves and USD) with a conceivable development of the rundown later on.

Bitcoin Sport project comes with a future platform and a digital currency bank that combines the benefits or vantage of a classic bank with the help of traders, players of a cryptocurrency market, and an amazing way of investing in the digital currency market.

The goal of the project is to create a Vontakte cryptocurrency exchange and a multi-currency crypto wallet trading platform where various cryptoactive assets and title units of the leading exchange assets (oil, gas, gold, shares of the largest companies) will be available for trading, as well as gaming and exchange services on blockchain. It is planned to foresee in the system the possibilities of a sports totalizator on the blockchain, where they will be able to bet on sports. The Bitcoin Sport coin will be the main unit of account on the platform and will be used to pay commissions, issue credits and accrue bonuses.

 Dynamics of the coin course from September 7 to November 27, 2018 

 Objective of the project The goal of the project is to create a crypto exchange market in the  social network Vkontakte and a trading platform combined with a  cryptocurrency wallet for several cryptocurrencies, where various crypto  assets and title signs of the leading exchange assets (oil, gas, gold,  shares of the largest companies) will be available for trading –  analogue forex, game and exchange services on the blockchain. In the  system it is planned to envisage the possibilities of sports betting on  the blockchain, where they will be able to play sports betting. 


Competitive advantages

We are trying to ensure that Bitcoin Sport is fast, easy, secure,  profitable for investors and flexible for millions of users. An  important competitive advantage of Bitcoin Sport is that it combines  confidentiality with regulation, which our investors have already highly  appreciated, as this provides greater financial attractiveness of the  project. 

Price policy

The largest investors are more likely to set the tone for the  dynamics of the coin quotes, not wanting to sell it below a certain  level of prices against the background of growing demand, setting a  positive trend for quotations.

 Bitcoin Sport is the first project that combines a forex platform and  a digital currency bank that combines the working functional volume of a  classic forex trading platform, investment banking service, gaming  service and digital platform with cryptocurrency support. 

Bitcoin Sport platform can provide:


  1. Secure storage of several dozen digital currencies
  2. Savings deposits
  3. Internal exchange service of the company
  4. B2P loans secured by cryptocurrency
  5. Exchange operations P2P
  6. Service of institutional investors and ICO-projects.
  7. Bitcoin Sport DEX - decentralized digital asset exchange
  8. Trading platform
  9. Mobile Bank - an application for iOS and Android
  10. iOS, Android application for digital asset exchange
  11. Game service. A working example of a bitcoin exchange tote can be found here:
  12. Issue token service - a technological solution designed for owners  of any digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, projects issuing their  cryptocurrency or tokens for a business that plans to use blockchain  technology for commercial organizations wishing to conduct their own  transactions in cryptocurrency and attract investors projects.


  1. Creation of token Bitcoin based on the multi-currency waves. (16/01/18)
  2. The output of tokens on a decentralized exchange DEX. (19/01/18)
  3. Positioning and presentation in the circle of first investors with the beginning of pre-sale token. (19/01–30/01/18)
  4. Increase liquidity of a coin with reference to popular cryptocurrencies, tokens and title signs. ( 10/02/18 —28/0/18)
  5. Publication, Whitepaper. ( 20/02/18)
  6. Starting the site Bitcoin Sport. (18/03/18)
  7. Test period, trial pre-sale of the token on the market. (16/05/18–30/0918)
  8. Running the bounty. (09–10/18)
  9. Start of Pre-ICO and ICO. (10–11/18)
  10. Launching of own broker-platform and multi-currency wallet. (11–12/18)


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