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A storm has hit the investment market which we are not going to recover from. Crypto investment is that storm. With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Verasity, a video-sharing platform that caters to content creators and rewards viewers with VERA tokens just for watching content, sharing videos, watching ads and for referrals has arrived.

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Verasity is a video-sharing platform that caters to content creators and rewards viewers with VERA tokens just for watching content, sharing videos, watching ads and for referrals. Over the past few years, brands have shifted their advertising model to allow influencers to share products with their audience. This gives products a much more personal touch and translates to better conversions.

Verasity will provide a way for viewers to help support their favorite channels by the use of VeraSparks. VeraSparks is a smart contract that allows viewers to buy and own a portion of a channel, and be rewarded with profits especially in future growth.

How is Verasity different than the competition in this field?

Verasity is the only platform combining the following: Decentralized Proprietary Blockchain, Proof of View (PoV) — patent pending, Watch and Earn, Centralized Video Distribution, VeraSparks and the Spark Marketplace, and multiple ways for creators and users to earn VERA tokens. Just one of Veracity’s features, Proof of View (PoV), will help solve the problem of fake reviews that affect creators and advertisers.

How does Verasity work?

On Verasity it’s completely up to Viewers whether they choose to watch adverts or not. If they choose to watch adverts they’ll get paid directly in VERA (VRA) cryptocurrency by advertisers for their time. Viewers also get to decide whether they want to receive targeted advertising and whether to share their demographic information. Once again, the choice is up to the viewer on Verasity!

Viewers will now be able to reward their favourite Creators directly and transparently. Creators have more unified monetization options available to them than on any other current video-platform meaning new and exciting types of content will flourish.

Monetization can also be set on a per video basis — there’s no one-size-fits all model on Verasity:

Free to watch with optional VERA donations

Pay-per-view — viewers pay VERA unlock individual videos

Paid recurring VERA subscriptions where Viewers can access all premium content

Verasity’s Proof-of-View™ technology ensures that advertisers only pay when their adverts are watched by a real human. Verasity also removes the intermediaries which currently swallow up to 70% of the value. The result is more value coming back into the Verasity community.

Verasity’s Competitive Advantage

Videos on Verasity’s system are hosted on the world’s largest CDN (Akamai) rather than using unproven decentralized video distribution technology. Right from the start users will receive the consistently high-quality experience they’ve grown accustomed to and that is essential for adoption of the platform.

Verasity’s video player technology (VeraPlayer™) has distributed over 8 Petabytes of data in a month and is already embedded on leading ICO rating sites such as ICO Bench.

Decentralized blockchain — Verasity’s high-performance blockchain will provide the throughput required to support microtransactions at scale, overcome congestion, and other issues such as users forcing hard forks.

Proof-of-View™ (Patent Pending) — Ensures accurate and secure audience metrics, allows for independent auditing, and tackles issues such as ad-fraud and fake/bot views.

Spark Marketplace — Think the next evolution of crowdfunding where users will be able to directly fund the growth of content as well as fund projects such as feature films and then receive an on-going share of the success in VERA.

Economic Model — Working with Dr. Christian Jaag (founder of the Centre for Cryptoeconomics), Verasity has commissioned one of the most extensive economic analyses ever undertaken on a crypto-economy. The model, which was created off the back of thousands of simulations and stress tests, is designed to create a stable economy with a 3% inflation rate. More information can be found at this link:

vDaf — a suite of online video platform products designed for international broadcasters and large media outlets. Verasity’s suite of products will allow them to use our video platform, CMS, VeraPlayer™ with integrated wallet, analytics, Proof-of-View™ technology, and last but not least our robust monetization system that allows donations, pay-per-view, monthly subscriptions, and the revolutionary Spark Marketplace.

Token Compliance — Verasity is SICOP (Sustainable ICOs Protocol) compliant meaning that Verasity is committed to conducting a safe and secure ICO, maintaining good practice and ethics. Further information is available:

What problem is Verasity trying to solve?

For Viewers:

Viewers are rewarded for their attention by advertisers if they choose to watch adverts

Take back control of their data — decide what demographic data to share with advertisers

Ability to support their favourite creators directly

Proof-of-View™ verifies that the viewer is real, and submits the content/ad view to the blockchain, removing any fake views.

For Creators / Publishers:

VERA cryptocurrency removes intermediaries (far lower transaction fees that the 45% commission large video platforms command)

Immediate payments (no longer waiting 60–90 days to receive payments)

Proof-of-View™ technology negates “fake video views” to ensure all content can be discovered fairly and equally

Centralised CDN infrastructure to ensure all content can be streamed in high-quality (HD, 60 FPS), low latency and low buffering

For Advertisers:

Eradication of ad-fraud, greater ROI for media spend, true accountability

Higher engagement and interaction with viewers through ‘permission’ based advertising (viewers chooses to watch adverts and is rewarded in VERA coins)

Partnerships with a new wave of blockchain powered media agencies are already in place with AdBank, XCHNG and The Truth Agency to provide advertising brands with full transparency in media buying across the value chain

Their version of an internal centralized bank controls the currency being used across the platform and draws upon tools from both fiscal policy and monetary policy to control their platform’s economy. The goal of the foundation is to stabilize it for all users.



The platform’s token is called VERA, and will be the medium of exchange and reward for video creation, sharing and viewing across the platform. Through different methods of earning VERA for each type of user — viewers, content creators, advertisers and sponsors — Verasity hopes to further entice people to use the platform and contribute to its economy.


Symbol: VRA

Price: 1 VRA = 0.0075 USD increases by 1% per 24 hours during sale

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Payments Accepted: ETH, BTC

Total Token Supply: 12,491,500,000

Hard Cap: 6,245,750,000 VRA

Min Purchase: 10,000 VRA

Restricted Areas: USA (Accredited only), Cayman Islands, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen

Public Sale

Begins: May 21, 2018–3PM (UTC)

Ends: July 11, 2018–3PM (UTC)

Soft Cap: $4M (Passed)

Hard Cap: $25M

Token Price: See for current price — increases 1% each day

Minimum Participation: Around $100

Maximum Participation: N/A

Key Details for the Verasity Public Token Sale:

KYC/AML Whitelist process opens: 26th April 2018

Public Sale starts: May 21 2018 (3PM UTC)

Public Sale closes: July 11 2018 (3PM UTC)

Token Generation and distribution: By the 12th August 2018

Total VERA Available: 6,245,750,000 (unsold tokens burnt)

How To Buy VERA Tokens

The Verasity Token Sale is now live! Each day the price of VERA will increase by 1% so make sure you jump in and get it at the best price possible!



Meet The Amazing Team

David Orman — CEO & Co-Founder

Founding Partner — Hatch-House

Founder — Namro Ventures Ltd

Advisor — Carabiner Partners

Formerly VP of Joost

David Rowe — Co-Founder

CEO — Black Green Capital

Founder — Hydro66

Founder — Easynet Group

Former Managing Board Member — Sky

Chris Gale — Co-Founder

Founder & CEO — Odyssey Mobile

Founder — TouchTab

Former CEO — Level Up Media Ltd

Crypto Investor & Blockchain Advisor

Adam Simmons — Co-Founder

Former VP Marketing — Level Up Media Ltd

Owner — Madals TV

Advisers include:

Dr. Christian Jaag — Advisor

Founder — Cryptoeconomics

Managing Partner — Swiss Economics

Lecturer — Universities of St. Galen and Zurich

Matt Heiman — Advisor

Founder — Diagonal View

Founder — Mobix Trading

Founding Investor — Just Giving

Adviser — Channel 4, Visimo, The Cloud, Palringo

Jin Young Choi — Verasity Ambassador for Asia

CEO — Bitbank

CEO — Woorim Holdings

CEO — East Nine Company Ltd

CEO — Vision Group Company Ltd

Permanent CEO — D!conomy LAB

Executive Commissioner of World Franchise Council

Former Mayor of Namon City

Joel Kovshoff — Advisor

Founder and CEO — MyICOPool

Founder and CEO — Athena Trading Bot

Blockchain Advisor and Educator

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