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In this new era The demand for quality information about crypto has increased in recent months. this year the thirst for this kind of information can be attributed to the emergence of various large projects
with the fact that people are very welcoming and waiting for it all in other words in the field of technology. and digital currency now present before us all very promising projects that make it easier for you to conduct digital currency mining business in the form of coin vectorium using a sophisticated system of new technology and also makes it easier for you to benefit

"Of the many projects this year that have sprung up, only Vectorium might be promising benefits for all users, let's explain more about this Vectorium project.''

The power of vectorium

Vectorium flash dan vectorium plus

Vectorium Flash is a mineable coin based on a new blockchain technology. It’s the core asset of the new CryptoEnergy project that will lead us into a new era. Vectorium Plus, instead, is a powerful way to convert your mined coins to electricity power and consortium shares!

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Vectorium Presentation

Vectorium Consortiums (Islands)

Vectorium Consortiums are places where the collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrecy. Those placesproduce power energy value combining wind, solar and waste by a virtuous ecosystem regulated by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence based on Waste to Coin process.



These are created when two or more producers (Consortiums) come together to form an informal group of “prosumers”.
In other words, this is a combination of both producers and consumers who are interested in working with each other.
The production of Vectorium flash will always and only take place through a process called “mining”, where a fixed number of coins will be generated every day. As part of a Vectorium Consortium, in addition to optimizing the
production and sale of electricity, you will be able to benefit by using your own energy while mining Vectorium Flash using graphics cards and / or new FPGA devices. Vectorium Consortiums are places where the collectivity can
produce renewable energy and cryptocurrency. Everybody with a small solar plant can join the Vectorium

Convert waste into energy

The team claims that it ’s a technology which is used to transform waste into energy, and then energy into cryptocurrencies through a patented process without involving combustion. It ’s unique because it is supposedly customizable, it has no environmental impact, and can use every type of waste materials. The intellectual property patent for the system is pending and it carries a number of 102019000005016. The team also claims that they have several patents for solar and micro wind solar processes.

Vectorium Background


To be noted that this new intensive system of occupation of land operated by the California Institute of technology was made after ELIWIND technology *has been discovered. CALTECH in the parks built in New Mexico and in California used
10kW small turbines with three 10-meter high blades placed vertically to the central axis in"H" form with a total turbine height above the ground of 20 meters.

While ELIWIND * IT100kWp with 5 sub-vertical blades, arranged in a "V" form 13-meter-long, yields a power of 100kW with a total height of 20 meters from the ground, in other words 10 times more. According to the official website, Vectorium aims to build and deliver over 300 Vectorium islands by the end of 2024.
It ’s worth noting that there are two types of islands. The first one is a “button up” model which involves sights where people are already involved in eco-friendly activities. The average cost for setting up those consortiums would range from $60,000 to $130,000 and they will bring a ROI of around 8-12% per annum.


The ELIWIND equipment , as a new semi-vertical wind system (VAWT Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ), are designed and built according to standard IEC EN 61400-1-2 technical standards , with the distinction however that the ELIWIND technology is patented and secured through several patent extensions worldwide, so it can only be produced by MIT
and/or MIT licensees.

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