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Serenity is a platform that aims to redefine how we should deal with global energy. Serenity is built by a professional team and with the belief that in the global energy industry that is centralized and not transparent at this time, we can still hope that there is a platform that truly cares about how we deal with energy and benefit from it. Users will have the opportunity to get awards for their efforts, therefore Serenity is developed using blockchain technology so that every activity carried out on the Serenity platform is transparent and free of manipulation.

Not only that, Serenity also intends to present a platform that will encourage participants to live more sustainably, make their homes as environmentally friendly places and generate surplus green energy from renewable resources and instantly monetize investment through Serenity platform. All these amazing things can be achieved by the Serenity solution.


Serenity intends to present a platform that pays attention to its users. Serenity will connect with national electricity operators, to maximize and efficiently function the electricity operators, such as electricity production, customer demand, etc.


Customers registered on the Serenity platform have the right to get lower electricity prices and get the opportunity to produce electricity and export it. Here the role of blockchain is needed, to process all transactions and secure them. For more information, you can read on the whitepaper


Everyone knows that the energy sector is a sector where many 'big' players try to manipulate the market. If left continuously, this will adversely affect global energy development.

Serenity tries to change the shape of a centralized system to be decentralized, which is free from the intervention or influence of any party. Not only that, various kinds of problems such as the inability of national energy operators to balance the amount of electricity production with consumer demand, and other problems make Serenity want to improve this system even better.

But Serenity knows that this is not easy. Serenity needs support to realize this. Therefore Serenity issued a token which will later support the Serenity platform.


Serenity wants to present a platform that will support the development of global energy. Serenity tries to redefine how we use energy wisely and correctly and get rewards for our efforts. Indeed, at first Serenity will face various challenges, but Serenity believes that this is the right way and the right solution. And we should be aware that the existing system is very inefficient and has many gaps and therefore we need to change it.




1% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 1
5% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 2
34% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 3
5% of pre-mined tokens will be distributed through Air Drop, Bounties, Referrals, Marketing
40% of pre-mined tokens will be held in Treasury
15% of pre-mined tokens will be held by Founders and Core Team



If you want to know more about the Serenity project, you can visit the link below, that's all for my writing this time, which only addresses a few important points of this project, for more information, please visit the link below

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