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Throughout worldwide supply chains, financial services, healthcare, authorities and lots of different industries, innovators are exploring methods to use blockchain to disrupt and remodel conventional business models. Many enterprise leaders have already achieved enormous business advantages, consisting of extra transparency, better protection, advanced traceability, increased efficiency, high pace of transactions, and decreased prices. Today, PAYMENT PORTE platform has come to ensure there are continuous and smooth transaction been enjoy by the users of crypto-currency and also will revolutionize the whole financial payment industries.

At the heart of the pleasure surrounding crypto-currency is the new blockchain technology. This new technology is the foundation that all digital currencies are built upon. It has been the decentralized and virtual ledger technology that keeps all of the transactions without the need for a financial middleman, like a bank. This Blockchain appears to offer lots of awesome advantages over present payment facilitation networks which is why PAYMENTPORTE platform has adopted this technology in its platform so as to ensure all problem facing the financial industries are laid to rest.


PAYMENT PORTE is a new financial payment system designed to increase efficiency in the financial industries. It is also designed to increase the security, transparency and speed of transaction in the financial payment system. PAYMENTPORTE platform is designed to be the most secured cross border payment system in which international traders will be able to benefit from the system.

With the use of blockchain technology in PAYMENT PORTE system, transaction will become more transparent every seconds of the time and this has been a positive development in the global world simply because the transaction data and information on the distributed ledger system cannot be altered by anyone. One of the most important reasons why blockchain is so intriguing is that the technology is usually open source which simply means that other users and builders have the opportunity to trade it as they see fit. Being open source makes altering logged information and data within the chain complicated, making blockchain technology specially secured.


The adoption of blockchain technology on PAYMENT PORTE platform will allows peer-to-peer and commercial enterprise-to-commercial enterprise transactions to be finished without having to work with a third-party. Without the involvement of a middleman, like a financial institution, tied to the transactions in a blockchain, the charges to the consumer or business may be extensively decreased over the years which is one of the priorities of PAYMENT PORTE system. Reducing transaction cost has been another main reason behind the adoption of blockchain technology in PAYMENT PORTE system. Most businesses have taken low transaction cost to be their priority which is the reason for adoption of this technology. With the introduction of PAYMENT PORTE platform system, you dont need any third-party services before your transaction can be authorized or processed which is exactly what all businesses in the era needs now.

Whilst coping with conventional banks, it isnt unusual for a transaction to take days to become settled completely. This is due to the protocols established in financial institution shifting software program, in addition to the reality that maximum financial institutions are mainly open at some stage in the day. PAYMENT PORTE gateway system however, works 24 hours a day, seven days per week and this means that transactions made within the system will be processed with extra speed.

The use of the technology by PAYMENT PORTE platform increases the efficiency within the system. As observed that whenever you use the local and traditional transaction method, processing and confirmation may be delayed and likewise the transaction processes are prone to human error which may be dangerous to the whole transaction process.


PAYMENT PORTE network has introduced its own secured wallet (BITFOLD) for users to be able to hold their crypto-currency coin/token within the wallet. Users will be able to store token for long term or transfer to their desired bank from the BITFOLD wallet. Users of the wallet will have full access and control over their wallets which makes PORTE system better than other system out there.

Another feature of PAYMENT PORTE is the BITFURNACE which allows token to be burned thereby reducing the total supply of the token which in-turn increases the value of the token.


Hard-cap: $ 9 million
Soft-cap: $ 1.5 million
Public Presale: August 18, 2019

Total Supply of 100% 700,000,000
Token price of $ 0.05
Tokens to be sold in the Pre-sale Private 50% 350,000,000
Seed 15% 52,500,000
Presale 85% 297,500,000
15% 105,000,000 Community Tokens (Bonus Tokens, Marketing,
Airdrops, Bounties, etc.)
Team 20% 90,000,000 (1-2 Years Locking / Monthly Vesting)
Adviser 50,000,000 (1 year locking / monthly vesting)
Tokens for Future Needs 8% 55,000,000
Payment for technology development
7% 50,000,000



Q4 '18
The concept and creation of assets
Product development architecture
Team / Community Development
Website development
Foundation / Inc. established
First stage platform development
Team builders, more advisers, promoters
Q2 '19
Guaranteed marketing & social media
Social media / marketing campaigns
The product platform application was developed
Strategic global partnerships are applied to growth
Q4 '19
Launch PORT Token - listing at SDEX / OTHER
Back Web / Front end is complete
First party SDK & API integration is complete
Proof of concept confirmed
Pre-existing client / user development and MOU
Q2 '20
Pilot Platform Stage
Production platform ready
Web launch - Live platform
Ad campaign



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