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The majority of crypto exchanges today provide only the basic features — such as buy and sell order — which are not good enough for traders who want to implement order limits and stop loss orders.The trading fee on traditional crypto exchanges is very high. With each trade you make, the specific percentage of your order activity is deducted as exchange commission for the trade even if you are in loss.By providing OTC trading, ParamountDax proves out that it is not only the exchange for the community but that it could serve institutional traders or the so-called whales as well.It provides a layer of insulation and security during the buy and sell processes so that the parties involved aren’t buffeted by the market fluctuations while the transaction is taking place. 

OTC Trading on ParamountDax

The ParamountDax exchange also features stop-limit options.They minimize your loss and maximize your stop and limit orders to help ensure you lock in your profits and stem the risk when your respective profit and risk targets are met.

To start trading, you would need transfer funds from your Main account to your Trading account. Just hit a blue arrow between the accounts. Specify the necessary amount and click “Transfer”.Before starting buying or selling OTC, the quite simple steps to follow are requiredIn order to login to the ParamountDax website, a user won’t be allowed simply through a ‘login + password’ access type. ParamountDax will enforce a secure 2FA protection for the client. 

By default, weak 2FA like OTP/Google Authenticator / SMS won’t be authorized or will be only temporarily permitted, since these methods are vulnerable to phishing attacks.In order to ensure the password meant as strong and difficult to guess as possible, users are allowed to generate current excess code that exceed the minimum of 8 characters.Moreover, passwords have to be a combination of case sensitive letters, numbers, and special symbols.If you are placing an ad to sell Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies you will have to deposit the amount you are selling in an escrow portfolio. After both parties agree, the amount will be released and both parties will receive their fiat tokens /currency respectively.

Benefits of trading at ParamountDax OTC

You have many advantages while using our API and our goal is to keep improving. Our developers and product managers have many years of expertise with financial software. Their deep experience in the trading world is the very thing which allows us to give you software and features that are well thought out and focus on finding the best solutions for traders.We’re working hard to bring you the best trading experience.

There are some awesome features we’ve been working on. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but many of our competitors have not offered these options yet. At the same time we have found they are helpful while using your own software to trade.In order to solve the liquidity issue and allow users to instantly trade their digital assets, ParamountDax will be adding its order book to a collective pool server — an order book shared among various crypto exchanges. 

The advantages of the exchange tokens — the key points for users to know

The ET are able to assure their holders with the raw of the advantages. Most of the present day tokens provide the traders with the rewards for their market activities that positively work on the liquidity showings of the exchanges. But there are other profitable features to mention — one of them is the low fees for traders. The active market makers are able to avoid the extra payments that is reasonable for the active users.

The representatives of the crypto world make the decision to become the exchange tokens holders in order to save their money and get the real profit. All these facts give the opportunity to name the ET as the efficient method to invest their savings without risk. The projects which provide the users with the exchange token see interests of the holders and do not forget about security safeguards.It is impossible to name the current sum of the daily profit to the potential ET investors, because the various performed exchanges assure token holders with the own variety of the capabilities and peculiarities. 

The subsets could differ but the general strong features are the same, precisely:

  • The trading fee discounts;
  • The referral programs;
  • The availability of different strategies by the exchange;
  • The risks-free transactions;
  • The different rewards for the deposits and other investment campaigns.

Speaking about each advantage separately, it is worth noticing that each item forms the general picture of the exchange tokens characteristics. The holders gain both the profit and the set of possibilities at a time. In complex with the high level customers’ care performed by the present day exchanges, ET could be meant as the reliable way of the crypto investments nowadays. Let’s turn the attention to each feature and analyze the key points in details.

The trading fee discounts

This feature is the high-focused topic for the traders. The token holders want to be sure in the profitability of their market making actions. That is why the most of the exchanges provide the users with the possibility of the trading fee declining. Some projects are orientated on the crypto community demand for the daily dividends. That is why the exchange participants, the token holders have the opportunity to get back up to 50% of their daily trading fees in form of the return of investments.

The referral programs

One more thing that traders wish to gain from the exchanges. The projects with the referral programs are able to increase the demand for the exchange tokens. The holders get the rewards in the same time for their activities. Sometimes the bonuses are humble enough but the really strong referral programs could bring the good profit to traders.

Different exchange strategies

The exchanges hold an interest in the stable and growing positions of their tokens. That is why the ET holders get one more advantage in form of the exchange tokens boosting processes that will increase the profit. The different strategies are used to achieve the positive result and the great token statistics.

The risks-free operations

The reliable exchanges are highly clients-oriented that is why the token they provide to the investors should be also safe. It is the purpose for the potential investors to find the trusted exchange with ET to deposit in.

The available rewards

Besides the referral programs and dividends accessible, there is the possibility to get the airdrops for the deposit made. This is one more advantage for the ET holders who mean the exchange tokens as the rational investment.As the demand for ET is rising, the big quantity of the exchange tokens appears. One of the reliable exchange project with its trusted token that should be taken into account is ParamountDax. 

The users are able to gain the daily profit and feel themselves all the ET advantages described above. The referral program is rather strong to consider it as the source of the outcome. ParamountDax with PRDX coin is the risks-free exchange with the high grade customer support and the regular bonuses derived from 46 % of all the trading fees received. Moreover, the project is the licensed one that makes it the most reliable exchange among other present day offers for traders. Choose the most secure platform to earn with the safest token to invest — ParamountDax and PRDX coin.

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