Nestree : Advanced, Reward-based Community Messenger

The advancement of the internet and network technology in the past decade have created lot of rooms for development across many areas of endeavors. One of the most informative aspect of networking technology that leverage on the internet is the social media. There are various social media such as the Facebook, telegram, discord etc. Which have make life amazing. This social media create messaging app which can be used for calls, sending and receiving of message from one user to another, and also pictures and videos are all inclusive.

Although despite this innovation of social media there are still challenges such as security and privacy of users account. The social media we have today are majorly centralize, that is they are control by one organization.
From recent search carried out by university student in North America , there are have been a series of social media cyber-attack and the rate keep increasing because the social messenger app are all centralize.

Facebook have been attacked in recent times, where users profile where collected without the concept of the owners, and also most of these social media sell out user’s privacy to third party agent or marketing companies and send unsolicited messages to users of such platform. Just this year 2019 telegram was also attack for denier of service (DDOS). Which disrupt many users’ activities for that day.

Lately we have seen that all social media don’t have applications that enable easy financial transactions, which make the social networking not to be fully complete.

Irrespective of all these challenges we just discuss, the NESTREE leverage on the blockchain technology to decentralize and create a financial transaction gateway for the social media networking by creating an advance app that meet the need of social media users.


NESTREE is an advance crypto currency platform built with a robust technology on the state of the art facility which create a distinctive and unique social messaging service through the blockchain technology
NESTREE is a Korea based project that revolutionalises the social media
NESTREE design a transparent, useful and multifunctional ecosystem that will allow crypto enthusiast and the public in general to make digital assets transactions to one another just by a simple click on their phones and tablet .which meet the demand of the rising population of the social media for flexible communication. As many individual and organization engage in the social media for interaction and discussion of business deals and sending of gifting to their friends , relations, and business partners etc.,NESTREE
integrate financial transaction into a messenger without going to the bank or crypto exchanges to send crypto currencies asset.

The NESTREE is the first of it kind in our modern world that create the joy of social messaging and financial freedom for everyone .


On the NESTREE messaging app, everyone can store their crypto currencies asset such bitcoin, ethereum , etc. the team of developers design the messaging app in such way that users don’t not need third parties or agent to make peer to peer exchange of their crypto asset .
Content creator can will be able to publish their content on the messaging app and create advert for companies and also for their self-employ business which can reaches millions of subscribers and their businesses keep growing to all time high.

To make the social media more fun and monetizing , the NESTREE have built a model where users of the platform can earn cryptography monetory asset just by doing a simple task of referring their friends and love ones to download the app and join the social media interactive community messaging app.
The NESTREE is built with the blockchain technology which make it decentralized in operation without any government or private agency controlling it activities and restricting users due to political or any government policy.

The NESTREE messenging app allows users to create a review for transaction done . this allows high level of transparency so that users will know the genuine the person they are making transactions with .

Hence these are many more advantages the NESTREE have create for our modern world which meets the need of globalization.


The diagram below describe how the NESTREE work for a user

User of the platform are link to channel, advertiser, exchange and channel manager . this circle goes on with high level of security encryption for maximum safety of users.


The NESTREE messenging app is available on the google playstore, on your google playstore you need to search for nestree in playstore if you are android user. and also for
iOS app users .
once you successfully install it on your phone , you will then need a paper key and pass word code to get your EGG wallet address which you can use to receive the EGG token .

Users get rewarded by contributing to the channel they participate in.
Company deposits EGG in Channel for Ads, Promotion, Reward etc

Token Symbol => EGG
Token Type => ERC20
Token Price => $0.01
Total Supply => 3,000,000,000

20% Allocated to Token Sale
20% Allocated to Ecosystem
15% Allocated to Business Development
17% Allocated to Marketing
10% Allocated to Team and Founder
10% Allocated to Reserve
5% Allocated to Legal and Compliance
3% Allocated to Advisors




In conclusion , the NESTREE have create what will make the world to be call a global village which is the messaging app that does everything anyone can think of when it comes to social media industry . hence the nestree is the social media revolution we all have been waiting for .

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