ETHERZERO (ETZ) - Next Generation of Smart Contract Platform

At the moment, the market of trade and consumer relations is almost the largest in the world. Moreover, every day hundreds of thousands of companies interact with each other, sending their goods from point “A” to point “B”. At the same time, each time they use a number of related documents and contracts that are simply necessary to ensure that all aspects of the transaction were complied with and fully implemented. But as practice shows, their presence also does not save entrepreneurs from a large number of errors and troubles arising from the human factor, inattention and other shortcomings.

Of course, in place of paper contracts came with time electronic, where in a more accessible format, people can clearly get acquainted with all the ensuing paragraphs of the contract, as well as to trace its unconditional execution. But alas, here the system shows its vulnerability and vulnerability to any external interference or any other hacker problems. After all, as far as we all remember, all trade,transport and business relations are centralized, which means that they have a single server on which all valuable and important information is stored.

Modern blockchain technology with its accompanying tools in the form of a smart contract helps us to bring clarity and order of actions, as well as reliability, transparency and immutability of documents. As you already know, the founder of smart contracts is the Ethereum blockchain and all its derivatives agglomerates. Moreover, the smart contract also does not stand still and therefore is constantly evolving, improving its functions and capabilities. This is the one we will talk about today. 

About the project and its features

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present you a new innovative platform — EtherZero or ETZ for short. 

If we talk about ETZ in more detail, then this is a General smart contract of a full-fledged blockchain platform, the main function of which is to reduce all Commission payments during transactions to 0, as well as to increase the overall performance of transactions per second, bringing this whole process to real-time mode. It is important to note that today’s EtherZero is the second version of its predecessor and has a number of advantages over it. First, EtherZero 2.0 has a double improved structure that has replaced the double consensus Master node and PoW systems. And also became more receptive, compared to previous mechanisms, with the new PoS system. 


Because the platform EtherZero is constantly evolving and learning, many developers can be in tune with this system and thrive with it, creating on the basis of EtherZero your blockchain app. After all, the true purpose of any smart contract carries increased comfort of its use, as well as maximum accuracy, reliability, confidentiality and of course the highest security. Therefore, EtherZero with its advantages in the form of 0 values of transaction operations occurring in real time are able to bring all business and partnerships to a new higher level. That in principle and seek to realize founders EtherZero in the near future. 


As you may have guessed, the EtherZero platform will use its own ETZ token as fuel, the technical side of which will be based on Ethereum technology and will have all the high bandwidth that ETH has in the cryptography market. While EtherZero will have their own online wallet in order for users not experienced any discomfort or difficulty when using the ETZ marker for their own purposes. 

At the same time, EtherZero with its ETZ has truly good throughput rates, which largely perform all its functions quickly, reaching transaction processing speed of almost one two seconds. Combining at the same time the optimal cost of energy so as not to harm the environment. That I believe also is not little important fact!


Personally, I am pleased to know that EtherZero is already a product of its predecessor in which the developers took into account many indicators, bringing them to the so-called temporary ideal. Why temporary?! Yes, because the EtherZero platform intends to develop dynamically throughout its time, absorbing new trends in the cryptographic market, as well as focusing on the demand of its audience, satisfying its needs in all directions. Moreover, EtherZero is an officially registered legal entity in Singapore and has all the necessary legal documents. 

Of course in order to more specifically meet with EtherZero can’t get enough of my little review. Therefore, all interested, I ask you to proceed to the end of this article and find for yourself a treasure trove of official social resources of the project on which you will reveal in more detail the full potential of EtherZero. That’s all I’ve got! Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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