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About CCUniverse UVU

Firstable You must know what it is CCUniverse. We are a young project which is considering to make real things in crypto marekt and at the world. The base of our activity is to make something real for the community and for cryptoworld using a blockchain technology.Our idea is building a whole network of our infrastructure like: crypto ATMs , rental electric cars with charge stations, and innovations at real estates market. CCUniverse got sure that our efforts will bring to people awesome things and it help them to get the adventages from blockchain and cryptocurrency.We are focused on discovering and at the same time taking care of the welfare of the earth and the environment. CCUniverse will be focus at any innovation which is made to use renewable energy sources, because it is the future as like a blockchain technology.  

Decentralized wealth is for us the tool to make such a big things in the world. It will be the power of whole UVU coin - we got very strong background.Our investors could see in any moment our progress at the streets and take satisfy because their investitions. We choose for the begin an Europe to build their our infrastructure because there are still big gaps in it. It is our chance to be visible very quickly. 

CCUniverse UVU 

UVU Coin its a token of CCUniverse Project. We are combined with three programs that bring blockchain technology closer to the people. It is a crypto ATMs program at the local areas. Electric Cars Rental Real Estate with innovative and fancy technology such as the geodesic dome.

1st ATM device location.

We want build crypto ATMs network at local areas to improve cryptocurrency infrastructure and bring decentralized coins to the people. 

We are blockchain project which combined to 3 groups of activity in infrastructure.

1):  We are standing ATM's at local areas

2):  Electric Cars Rental program

3):  Innovative Real Estates program 

All this programs will be connected with our cryptocurrency ekonomy ! 

UVU CoinThis whole idea its real value at cryptocurrency & blockchain market.This is why we are unique - not like other virtual projects -which create only immeasurable things. We want to produce/build real things for people. 

To help them to get access for cryptocurrencies by ATMs at local areas. To test electric cars or rent it for buisness trip or other activities which will be not allowed in such an area like our locations in Europe.And then we want build our real estates which will be provide by innovative technology and projects like : geodhesic domes (fullers dome) or prefabric house/ shipping container houses.Our target for ICO is about 50 BTC . 250 000 USD. Its not so many as other programs so we really believe to get it fast and start to our priority actions. 

Our programs for 2019-2021

Ccuniverse from the vision and idea to real changes in people life and environment. High technology and new ideas which You will enjoy. Exclusive and unique combination of features and blockchain elements will allow our users to change the world toegheter. 


Implementation of highly developed technology for people life. We want to show that nice idea could be organized and completed not only designed and promised.

1. ATM+Electric Cars programs2019-2020

2. Prototype houses2020-2022 

Visional Programs

from 2021

ATM ProgramSetting up the highest technology devices to make buy/sell transactions with fee only 1%.

Profits1 device


Electric Car RentalNewest model of electric cars to rent with CCUniverse. It will be huge opportunity for car fans and also typicall users to test it and taste ecological machines.

Profits1 rent car


Building SectorInnovative real estates by own project isnpirated by shipping containers/ tiny prefabric houses or geodhesic domes structures – it is the revolution in building sector which can turn the expensive estates to the new level.  

CCUniverse - Cryptocurrency for technology fans


1. The reason for the creation:

Lots of great and very useful ideas that would make everyday life easier for people, or improve its quality with attention to the environment is wasted due to inadequately implemented implementation process, or lack of resources. 

2. Our targets:

We want to build a dozen farms related to our three programs.Then continue working on the currency and strengthen it with the next challenges in 2021 and beyond.CCUniverse want hire and cooperate with most interesting and talented people from high-technology or sience sector.Thanks to which we will not only build, but also discover fascinating things. 

Token Information



3. MAX SUPPLY: 310 M

4. ALGORITHM: Stellar



Token Distribution

1. Token Sale: 60%

2. Bounty: 1.5%

3. Legal: 3%

4. Management & Advisory: 5%

5. Product & Business Development: 15%

6. Marketing & PR: 8% 

CCUniverse UVU Roadmap

  • Q1 2019Vision: preparing details, developing of factors,building team, performance resources.
  • Q2 2019Get minimum 50% of the year target funds (50 BTC),
    Setting up 5 machines till end of Q2 in 5 different locations.
    Be prepared for initial 2nd phase of the project: rental car electric :3 cars by end of 
  • Q2 / Q3 2019.Exchange listing of token,
    Coinmarketcap listing,
    Increase of initial price of token.
  • Q3 2019Setting up additional 5x ATMs farms,
    Starting with renting electric cars (3 cars fleet),
    Preparing details and infrastructure for 3rd phase-real estates. Completing plans and documentations,
    Summit of CCUniverse first year activity.
  • Q1 2020Scalling up all 2 phases according own funds from tokens and ROI of ATMs and mostly car rental.
    Last prepare for 3rd phase and type locations and buying lands for houses to start earliest
  • Q2 2020.​Running official APP for easiest finding and navigating our projects and resources.

CCUniverse UVU Team

Przemysław KamińskiCEO

Tomasz KonickiFormer Marketing Planner

Tomasz SzymczyszynDevelopment Manager

Anton Del MelStrategic Consultant


Lalit BansalAdvisor

To get clearer and more accurate information about the CCUniverse project, please visit the link below:

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