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In the hustle to keep body and soul together, there are things that we must have and we can't get any of these if we don't have money. As we very well know money doesn't fall from heaven as manna, instead we have got to hustle and work to get enough money to meet all of our needs. This is when a person need a job to make a living. 

Everyone is in need of a good job to be financially independent, but it seems that we have so far not been able to find good job offers and this has resulted to the increased rate of unemployment in the society and the world at large. For sure people are looking for a time where job offers will be more improved and better, so as to increase their income and also better their lives. Say no more! The CANLEAD platform has come to make all things easy and beneficial.

Let Us Introduce You To The CANLEAD Platform 

For the past 10 years the recruiting universe has been faced with a lot of challenges, but the CanLead platform is on ground to reduce and improve the social grid's concept.

They will make sure of a situation where the application of economy and token-ecosystem allows creator the right to create consensus based on standardization, scalability and high-up comparability.

CanLead will make this happen by constructing a multi-party motivation system where members are enticed into participating. The resale of goods and hiring people in present time will be decided by intermediaries which also takes place in the B2B environment.

The Origin Of CanLead

The CanLead platform is originated and has its headquarters in UK London.It is into online job and can be accessed through its own websites and also mobile apps. It allows its users to use its service to post opportunities which involves jobs or services and to also refer interested persons and stand the chance to earn additional income. The main mission and vision of the CanLead platform is to become a decentralized platform that ensures more parties in the global economy.

Current Issues Confronting The Job Market

  1. Lack of certainty of the opportunity, candidate, agent and customers.
  2. No universal portal for users to earn from sharing opportunities.
  3. Lack of incentives to share quality opportunities and build long term relationships.
  4. No de-facto rating portal for candidate, agent and customer.


Solutions Proffered By The Platform

A three-sided market : once a customer is given the opportunity to refer an interested candidate this will automatically lead to increase in revenue and steady growth of the platform 

Three user profiles or actors : The referral of candidates supports the Opportunity Sharing Economy model 

A three-way rating system: the referral of candidates increases trust and better success. 

Token Analysis

Total amount of token released - 1,000, 000, 000
Token sale- 60%
Reserve- 10%
Team/Advisor- 20%
Marketing- 10%

Fund Allocation

Dev &Ops - 45
Marketing - 40
Legal - 5
Contingency- 10

Meet The Team


The CANLEAD platform aspires to create a large global decentralized network where a chain as this will be created Customers + Referrers + Candidates. This plan will be realized via the concept they have created , a product development and collaborating with different businesses and people across the world. CanLead will make sure to meet up with their goals and keep by their every word, if a change must be done in the future it should be to improve the platform and not to inconvenience their customers. 

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