BEACON - A rapid transition to Proof-of-Stake


Ethereum Beacon aims to become the world's computer for the next generation of decentralization applications.

To do this, we are building a new, highly scalable blockchain that will introduce a number of sophisticated solutions, including sharding, validator-based PoS consensus protocols, and enhanced Beacon Assembly. This project will solve Ethereum network capacity problems that are delayed without compromising security system.  

At the same time, it will promote the ideals of democracy distributed through the Proof-of-Stake scheme, which will equalize the opportunities of all transaction validators, from individual GPU users to large mining operations. This and many other solutions will make EBEA the most important programmed money designed by Ethereum.  

New consensus system.

Ethereum Beacon will bring network capacity to a new level by introducing a system of validating revolutionary transactions. Chain of central PoS - key chain - will be responsible for storing and updating the validator registry. 

To become a validator, users need to make a security deposit, which will minimize the risk of abusive behavior. The key chain will also process the block-by-block consensus and its own cross link - a confirmation set by the validator that makes it possible to insert shard segments into the key chain.  

In short, it will be the basis on which the sharding system is built. The combination of internal consensus and crossing, independent validation in each shard, and storage system will create a fast, efficient and safe network environment that can easily scale and accommodate dApps of all type. 

Validators will get a stable return on their deposit investment, while the transition to PoS will solve the problem of energy waste and achieve real decentralization - free from mining agricultural hegemony.  

Sharding - the most efficient way to measure

In Ethereum Beacon, there is no need for each node to confirm each transaction. Instead, the network is divided into many fractions - segments of the country that work independently, confirm different transactions and are empowered by different sets of validators. Fractions interact with key chains through cross-links - special messages indicating that fractional conditions with recently confirmed operations can be safely inserted into the main chain. Because the confirmation number is still high, security will not be compromised in Ethereum Beacon. 

Implementation phase

1. Phase Alpha:Transition to a new PoS / validation system

2. Beta Phase:Implementation of Basic Sharding

3. Gamma Phase:Sharding with EVM / EWASM

4. Phase Delta:For asynchronous cross-sharding, exponential sharding, and so on 

Implementation Roadmap 

1. Alpha phase:

Transition to the new PoS / validation system (Q3 2019 - Q1 2020) 

- Snapshots of the Ethereum network 

- August 8, 2019, 20:00 GMT; 

- Free distribution of EBEA tokens after photos to ETH users; 

- Launch of the gift campaign; 

- Launch the key chain PoS test (main-work-proof chain and key-joint-chain evidence); 

- Guarantees from users who wish to become validators on PoS key chains;  

2. Beta phase

- Implementation of Basic Sharding (Q2 2020 - Q4 2020) 

- Initial implementation of the sharding system integrated with key chains; 

- Test new consensus and validation procedures will work in it: pseudo-random block maker and finalizers selection, voting mechanism, block finalization, creation of cross-links and receipts, forwarding collection data to key chains, storing receipts on Merkle trees, committee size, etc .; 

- Sharding will not be used to carry out actual transactions at this stage; 

- Introduction of rules for selecting shard block forks (contingency rules), header verification, body verification, and crosslink verification.

3. Gamma phase: 

Sharding with EVM / EWASM (Q1 2021 - Q4 2021) 

- Complete state migration to new key chain networks; 

- The original PoW chain will become obsolete; 

- Full implementation of sharding, including confirmation of transactions and recording of account balances made on individual fractions; 

- Prizes for validators; 

- Development of the Ethereum Beacon Assembly 

- a faster, more portable alternative to the outdated Virtual Ethereum engine; 

- Test the Assembly of the Ethereum Beacon on the selected fraction.

- Migrate to the Assembly of Beacon Ethereum in the remaining pieces.

4. Delta phase:

Sharding cross, exponential sharding and so on (Q1 2022 - Q4 2022) 

- The remaining dApps migration from the old virtual machine to Beacon Assembly; 

- Develop new applications using a new virtual machine; 

- Further work on asynchronous and synchronous cross-shard transactions; 

- Start working on exponential sharding


All ETH holders are entitled to completely free Ethereum Beacon (EBEA) at a 1: 1 ratio after the blockchain snapshot on August 8. Click the button to claim your token now.

We also run a bounty campaign, which allows you to get more Ethereum Beacons - please see the FAQ section for more info.

And to get clearer information you can directly click through the link below:



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