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In today's world, the reliability of data is often suspected. The labor market is one of the most popular places where people provide untruthful information about themselves. Most often this is done with a primitive goal - to improve oneself in the eyes of others in order to obtain a more profitable position or to earn other preferences. However, everyone should understand that in such conditions we ourselves actually drive ourselves into the atmosphere of total lies. Solution of actual problems Thanks to the new project Springrole, now all parties will have 100% verified information, which will build a trusting relationship.

The basis for this platform is blockchain technology, which has long earned recognition worldwide. By registering on the site, you must create a resume, which will indicate:

• education;


• Personal skills or competitive advantages.

The specialized system will analyze the information provided and verify its veracity. Thus, the future employer will be 100% sure that he receives real information that corresponds to reality. All information is recorded in a blockchain and stored securely there. This will guarantee the verifiability of information at any stage. Since the goals of the platform are very ambitious and ambitious, their full implementation will require cooperation with many organizations and institutions. First of all, these are higher educational institutions, which will be able to confirm the authenticity of the information specified by the user about themselves. Viewing a resume of each employee will cost the employer a small amount, but in return he will be completely sure that he hired a qualified specialist. Employees will have the same opportunity, because quite often firms give false information about themselves in order to attract as many employees of high qualification as possible.

Platform Features

The best of the presented summaries will be ranked so that representatives of companies have the most objective rating. Also, this will reduce the time costs, which is sometimes extremely important (when the company needs an urgent search for a qualified employee). Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, it will be possible to obtain only reliable data that will help both sides. Transparency and openness, which was established in the crypto-currency market, is gradually transferred to everyday life. There is no doubt that already in the near future to have a resume on such an Internet portal will become a sign of a good tone.

Another factor that contributes to the popularization of Springrole, is the decentralization mechanism that underlies the company's activities. Thanks to this, firms and job seekers can directly communicate with each other. This completely excludes the institution of mediation, which not only slowed the process of recruitment, but made it significantly more expensive.

Project Prospects

Obviously, millions of users have long needed a platform that would allow them to find a prestigious workplace. Now the basic role will be played by personal skills of users, thanks to which they can count on getting a workplace. So, to find the vacancy of your dream, it's enough just to go through a simple registration procedure and provide truthful information. Observing such "rules of the game", a person confidently increases his chances of becoming successful in the digital age. His information is reliably protected from extraneous encroachments. Thus, such a service will make a real revolution in this segment of the market. Openness, transparency and verifiability are very much appreciated in the modern world, so providing proven information about yourself, you increase the chances of a career success. In modern conditions, this is the first key to professional growth. Prospects for the project are very good, because it fully meets the requirements of the market and is able to become a benchmark for other similar platforms.

Since Springrole is a very large-scale undertaking, the creators are well aware that it will take more investment to achieve full-fledged functioning. However, in case of success, we will not notice how you will witness new standards in the search for a workplace and providing information about yourself when writing your resume.

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