Review of ICO DAEX

We continue to consider the Daex project, which, I recall, is a clearing system on the block that allows solving the main problems inherent in the development of both centralized and decentralized crypto-exchange exchanges.

In the first review of this project, I touched on its main aspects, considered the problems to be solved, the generalized principle of work. Now it is important to get acquainted with other basic parameters, the main one of which is the team, the competitive environment, and the prospects for the growth of the value of the token.

Leadership and project team
As always, the foundation in any project is his team, in particular the leader. After all, from what path of development will be chosen, what efforts will be undertaken for this, the final success of the company also depends.

Benjamin Gu is the head of the company. He started in the late nineties with the post of manager and programmer. By the end of the zero years he has held managerial positions in some technology companies, and, as a result, in 2018 he creates Daex. He studied at some famous universities, including Shandong University in China, the University of Texas at Austin.

Among the skills I can mention excellent knowledge in software development, management of innovative enterprises, development of competent architecture of the company.

Hua Zhang is a co-founder. Graduated from Shanghai University. Among the areas on which she specializes, I can note the market research, competitor analysis, financial planning, marketing, knowledge in the technology of blockchain. Experience in previous years confirms these skills: in previous companies, usually held positions in the areas of market research, consultations. Since 2014, began to operate in the blockchain area.

Bingliu Shen is the COO. For the last ten years he has held managerial positions in a number of technology companies. I can especially mention the position of business development manager at such a well-known Chinese corporation as Tencent. Recently, he was the founder of the block community, just in Tencent. Has the ability to manage the company, business development, Internet marketing, customer marketing.

Ruicong Tang is the leading architect of the platform. Previously, he served as product director, developer and researcher. Has competence in the detachment, financial and technical sector, innovative products, machine learning.

Stone Zhou - the leading architect of one of the most important component of the whole ecosystem - a client wallet. For the last ten years he held the positions of technology director, he has competences in leading programming languages, including the blockchain.

Volume of the market
Since Daex will act in the field of crypto-exchange, it is logical to assess the market by its daily volume. At the moment, the daily volume of transactions made on kriptonke is about 10-12 billion dollars a day. That is, in annual terms, this figure is about 400-450 billion dollars (while maintaining the current level of trading activity).

If the upward trend returns, these volumes will increase. Therefore, we can safely say that Daex works on a large enough, but still very promising market.

Product development stage
The project began in the winter of 2018. At the end of 2018, it is planned to launch a test network, and the main event - the launch of a coin, is planned for the second quarter of 2019. By the end of 2019, it is planned to release a second version of the system.

Product appeal for customers
Daex, obviously, solves the major problems inherent in the current exchange solutions: the security of the storage of assets, the speed of transactions, low liquidity.In the event that the planned solutions will be implemented by the team, then, of course, the product will have a huge success among potential customers.

Competitive environment
Daex does not compare itself with a specific exchange project, because it can not be said 100% that Daex is a stock exchange in the usual sense of the word. Instead, the project compares itself globally with centralized and decentralized exchanges, and this comparison does not look in favor of current market representatives.


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