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Currently, online rates are very popular. Today I want to introduce you to a new project called MeVu. All that is associated with a different kind of excitement and stakes at all times was a good source of income. Here and today the turnover of all bookmakers is 1.3 tril.$ US per year. Agree, the figure is large enough. 1/10 of the total turnover of bookmakers belongs to the rates in the global gaming sweepstakes, which is at the same level with different types of slot machines, as well as casinos.

But, as for online gaming, this direction is rapidly breaking into the leaders, while overtaking the casino, is also actively increasing its user audience and financial turnover. Based on the results of the latest calculations, gaming sports betting received approximately $ 16 billion of earned money, which is more than 47% of the profits from the entire game industry. Mevu is a new crypto company, which helps every wishing person to make wagers at convenient times and on various types of dispute. Is a decentralized platform for betting, betting in different social networks.

Usually it takes a lot of technical and financial expenses to start each sports book. All these significant expenses are transferred to participants (customers) and they often have to cooperate with various additional organizations, and it always takes a certain period of time to wait for access to their accounts. In such cases, there is a risk of losing a significant amount of funds, obtaining a loss.

MeVu provides intellectual (smart) contracts. These contacts are created on the basis of blockchain Ethereum, this gives gamers sufficient transparency when viewing their personal funds. This is a guarantee that the betting will be carried out quickly and without different kinds of security threats. In general, Mevu is a very exciting application for betting, where all participants can enjoy the process without the need for third parties (bookmakers). Gamers will be able to set their own chances and bet on everything they want. The interest rate will be 2%, which is a very low ratio.


  • Peer-to-Peer Bets: it is used for several project participants who bet on different outcome of the subject matter of the dispute.
  • Gameplay: Meve as a game in which gamers play different bets against each other.
  • Sports betting: betting on another match account or some other Olympic event.
  • Reliability: the use of a blockchain, which allows participants to receive their winnings immediately, without any kind of fraud and deception.
  • Timeliness: allows participants to make bets at any convenient time. At the same time, there is no need to expect a bookmaker to make a bet.

What are the advantages of using Blockchain technology?

The main foundation of this project is a playground, created using Blockchain technologies. Such technologies initially supported the idea of ​​safe storage of information for all users of the project, and all data on their crypto-currencies.

All transactions will be made using Blockchain technology, while they will be saved and will not be amenable to any change, in any case under any circumstances. As a result, the project team achieved high-quality protection and transparency for all the actions performed on the platform, which reduces the risk of providing false information. This is the main advantage of MeVu. The use of Blockchain technologies in this development has become a major factor. The main difference between the MeVu project and other ordinary companies is that there is no dependence on the participation of third parties. As a result, it immediately becomes clear that Mevu is much safer and more economical than its various counterparts. All this is due to the fact that all the information recorded on this platform once, throughout the entire time remains unchanged.

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